Mahso Gichki, M.S.

Dean's Fellow & Lecturer, Social Development and Policy
School Of Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences
Master of Science in International Relations, London School of Economics and Political Sciences, UK
Bachelor of Arts (International Relations) with distinction, King’s College London, UK
Research Interests
Subaltern studies, Decolonization, Gender and Sexuality, Human Rights, International Law, International Relations Theory


Mahso completed her Bachelor of Arts (International Relations) from King’s College London, UK, in 2017, and then Master of Science in International Relations from London School of Economics, UK, in 2019. Her research is interested in exploring the intersection between feminist theory and sexuality – particularly examining how they have become institutionalized at the international and the national level.

Mahso’s dissertation is an inquiry into ways in which the colonial legacies of rights for the Khawaja Sira community are reproduced and reimagined in post-colonial Pakistan. Using critical discourse analysis and Foucault’s understanding of the materiality of language, her research takes a different approach to understanding rights. It argues that examining the concept of rights in the ‘non-Western’ world requires tracing the etymological history of the language of rights and its encounter with colonialism and anti-colonial nationalism. Her research aims to examine the space between dominant discourses of both International Human Rights and Constitutional Law by paying closer attention to the vernacular knowledge of rights, within which the periphery has come to reimagine and articulate itself.

Selected Publications

  • Mahso. 2020. “Deconstructing Transgender Identities in Pakistan, India, and Iran in Colonial and Post-Colonial Context.” Development, January.
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