University Industry Advisory Board


The University Industrial Advisory Board (UIAB) is the platform to assist the leadership of Habib University (HU) in achieving its strategic goal of student success, i.e., ‘Leading employers and graduate schools understand and value Habib University’s liberal arts and sciences education and actively seek to recruit its graduates’. The UIAB will provide an industrial perspective on future directions and suggest strategies to ensure that Habib graduates become the choice of employers.

In the 21st century, industries have become important learning laboratories for future employees, and universities can only shape their curricula and experiences to integrate the knowledge and skills needed by the industry if they consider industry leaders as their intellectual partners and take input from them. The University Industry Advisory Board serves as a university partner to Habib University; they meet thrice a year to actively participate in enhancing curricula, advise university leadership for designing industry experiences, and assist in understanding evolving changes and new opportunities in the career landscape for students.

Industry members of the UIAB are leaders, including University alumni, representing institutions that are, or stand to be large employers of university graduates. University members represent the academic and student success leadership, and allied officers of Habib University. The University strives toward a culture and community of inclusion; UIAB membership represents the diversity of background, gender, perspective, and disciplines represented by the University offerings.