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Welcome to the HU Writing Center!

The Writing Center is the communication wing of Learning Support Services and is responsible for helping students with all their English writing, comprehension, and speaking needs. Aside from the support we provide students through one-on-one tutoring and regular workshops throughout their four years, we also offer ESL support to students who may be struggling in classes. We design unique curriculums for their specific needs and invite them to attend speaking circles to make sure they can speak the language confidently as well.

The Writing Center provides support at every stage of the writing process – from brainstorming to making final revisions, including structuring, organizing, and building arguments.
Here are some of the services we provide: 

  • Academic Writing Series
  • Reading Seminars
  • Speaking Circle Series
  • Creative Writing Series
  • Research Writing Workshops
  • Graduate School and Exchange Program Prep
  • Online and Onsite Resources
  • Added Support
  • Certificate Courses

Workshops and training sessions are organized by the Writing Center over the course of four years to help students acquire these skills. Students can join the HU Writing Center Facebook and Instagram to post questions, interact with fellow students and to generally stay updated on events happening at the Writing Center.

Learning Support Provided by The Writing Center

The Writing Center supports students in improving their academic performance and in acquiring new skills through the following programs: