Frequently Asked Questions


When can I apply to Habib University?

Admissions for Fall 2021 are open from 25th October, 2020. If you fulfil the admission criteria for Fall 2021 , you can apply for admission by filling in our e-application . You can access our e-application from the home page of our website

See the detailed Admission Schedule

Which Round should I prefer to apply?

All the rounds are the same in terms of the admission process. However, Round 1 has certain benefits as highlighted below:

Round 1: Prospective students are encouraged to opt for Round 1 of the Admissions Cycle. For example, Round 1 applicants receive a 45% discount on their enrolment fee (enrolment fee is paid only after Admission is offered). They are also eligible for participation in the HU Summer Program (SPLASH) 2021. The Summer Program prepares students for University life.

Discounted Enrolment Fee for Round 1 candidates: Rs. 49,000/-

Round 2: This will be the final round of admissions at Habib University. No discount is offered at the enrolment fee of this round.

Enrolment Fee for Round 2: Rs. 89,000/=

What are the general admissions criteria?

All applicants must meet the following criteria to be eligible to apply to Habib University for Fall 2021

  • Applicants who have completed or will complete HSSC/A Levels/High School Diploma/International Baccalaureate or equivalent qualifications by August 2021.
  • Applicants must meet the grade and subject requirements as mentioned below and on Admissions Criteria page.

What are the subject requirements for degree programs at Habib University?

Electrical Engineering and Computer Engineering Programs: Students must have taken Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry as Higher Secondary School/High School subjects and Physics, Chemistry and Biology/Computer Science at Secondary level.

Computer Science Program: Students who have studied three subjects including Mathematics in their Higher Secondary/High School can apply for the CS degree program.

Social Development & Policy, Communication & Design and Comparative Humanities programs: There are no specific subject requirements for these two degree programs. Applicants from all backgrounds are encouraged to apply.

Am I eligible to apply if I have completed a Diploma of Associate Engineer (DAE)?

Applicants with a diploma may apply if they have obtained a minimum 70% or above. Applicants with this diploma are also required to submit a necessary equivalence certificate issued by the IBCC, Pakistan.

For admission in Electrical Engineering, DAE should be in one of the following disciplines:
Electrical, Telecommunication, Electronics, Avionics, Instrumentation, Precision Mechanical and Instrument

Can I apply if I don’t meet the admissions criteria?

Those students who do not exactly meet our admissions criteria can contact the Office of Admission. Such cases are reviewed on case by case basis.

Can I apply if I have not yet completed my HSSC/A level/High School Diploma/International Baccalaureate Diploma?

Yes, those applicants who are still in High School/College or who may be taking or retaking their exams are encouraged to apply if they can reasonably meet our requirements by Fall-2021. However, please be aware that if there are admissions requirements outstanding, then any offer of admission will be conditional on meeting the necessary requirements.

What does the admissions process entail?

To apply for admissions at Habib University, you will need to:

  1. Register online following the “Apply for Admissions” tab to select a program and create an account.
  2. Complete the e-application and submit it before the deadline mentioned in the admission schedule.
  3. Pay the application fee online or send a copy of payment receipt to the Office of Admissions or upload it in the manage upload section.
  4. Take the Habib University Entrance Test OR submit your official SAT/ACT and DSSE applicants must take SAT II MATH II as well.
  5. Appear for the interview at the designated time and location (shortlisted applicants only). On the day of interview, you will be required to bring your original education documents along with attested photocopies and the filled out ‘Meta curricular experience form’. The Meta curricular experience form can be accessed from the compulsory section of the e-application.

View more details here

How do I proceed with my online application?

Once you have registered for an account with Habib University, you will be assigned an Applicant ID number, username (your e-mail address) and password. Be sure you save these details as the system will allow you to complete parts of your application, save your information, and return to your application at your convenience.

All applicants can log in to the online application system at any time to check the status of their application. The Office of Admissions will update applicants accordingly via e-mail regarding the submission of supporting documents and the completion of all aspects of the application.

What supporting documents do I need to submit with my e-application?

You need to upload the following documents at your e-application section of ‘Upload Documents’

  • Attested copies of original Secondary and Higher Secondary School Certificates/Diploma as per your examination board.
  • Attested Secondary and Higher Secondary School Transcripts/Mark Sheets as per your examination board. You also need to bring original copies for verification.
  • Your CNIC/Passport

What should I include in my Meta-Curricular Experience Form?

Your meta-curricular experience represents the activities and the learning opportunities you participated in outside the classroom. Meta-curricular experience may include the following:

  1. Participation and learning from Co-curricular activities such as debate, dramas, sports, MUNs, singing, dancing, painting, writing etc.
  2. Participation and learning from Community Service or Voluntary work such as initiatives taken to help people and communities around you, find ways to better the environment, raise awareness for important issues and other activities which may support your community and society.
  3. Participation and learning from Work experience such as internships, part-time jobs, private tutoring, running your own organization/project or any other free-lance work.

Please download the template for ‘Meta-curricular Experience’.

What is a Portfolio?

A portfolio is a collection of works that you assemble in order to demonstrate that you have the appropriate prior learning and skills and/or have demonstrated your learning in or out of the classroom. It is the creative expression of you and your work up until the time of submission. A portfolio could be a collection of your poems, articles, drawings etc. It could be videos you developed, photographs you have taken or any other creative product you have developed or designed.

If I don’t submit a portfolio, will it have a negative impact on my application?

The portfolio will add value to an application, but it is not a requirement. Applicants who do not submit a portfolio will not be disfavored in the admissions process in any way.

What should be included in my portfolio?

Habib University asks that you submit up to 15 samples of creative and/or intellectual work that you have produced up until now. Remember: quality, not quantity. Make sure you include those things that may have received wider recognition than just your high school. What is to be submitted, however, relies mostly on what your intended school or program is. Examples include, but are certainly not limited to, an article published in a newspaper; a research paper; photo or video of a science project; a poem or song that you have written and/or performed; samples of code that you have had significant influence in writing and have permission to share; original works of art or photography; a computer program or game you developed; a film/video that has significant input from you or that you starred in.

Submit each sample alongside a brief description that provides context for the sample: e.g. how and when it was produced.

How can I pay the application fee?

There are two ways to make the application fee payment:

  1. Pay online through the e-application system using a credit or debit card. VISA and MasterCard are accepted – bank service charges apply, or
  2. Applicants can pay fee at the nearest Habib Metropolitan Bank branch, using the payment voucher downloaded and printed from the e-application account.

Where do I find my Application ID Number?

The Application ID number is visible on the top right corner of each page of the e-application. In case an applicant is unable to access the e-application, s/he should contact the Office of Admissions at:

Phone: 021 111 042242 (HABIB) EXT. 4515, 4520

How do I find my Invoice Number?

If an applicant chooses to pay the application fee through Habib Metropolitan Bank, a payment voucher can be downloaded from the ‘Pay Application Fee’ section of the e-application. The applicant’s Invoice Number can be found on the payment voucher.

Can I make changes to the online e-application once I have pressed the “Submit” button?

No, you cannot make any changes to your e-application once it has been submitted. However, if some critical information needs to be corrected/altered (example: your mailing address or phone number), you can contact the Office of Admissions and put in a request.

Will I receive a confirmation after submitting my e-application?

Yes, you will receive a text message and an email notification stating the successful submission of your e-application.

Does Habib University have an entrance test as part of its admissions process and can I get an exemption from test?

Yes. Habib University will require the applicant(s) to appear for the entrance test. You may be exempted from the Habib University Entrance Examination based on SAT Scores or High Grades. Visit the Habib University Entrance Exam and Exemption from HU Entrance Test for more details.

How should I prepare for Habib University’s Entrance Examination?

There are various means to prepare yourself for the entrance test. You can also attend Habib University Prep Days to get ready for the test.

What is the assessment criteria for admission?

The application screening procedure at Habib University is individualized and holistic in nature. Our admissions criteria is based on a number of factors, including:

  • Academic potential (transcripts, board exam results, entrance test or SAT scores, and academic achievements)
  • Intellectual, creative and personal pursuits and passions (co-curricular/extra-curricular involvement and interests)
  • Writing competencies
  • Admissions interview

Will I be required to appear for an interview as part of the admissions process?

Yes, an interview is a key part of our holistic admissions process. Unfortunately, we cannot interview all of our applicants. After the Entrance Examination, only shortlisted candidates will be contacted and informed of the date, time and location of their interview.
Candidates should make sure to show up for their interview at least 10-15 minutes early. Interviews will only be rescheduled in extreme cases.

What should I expect at my interview?

The interview is an opportunity for you to demonstrate your potential in a multi-dimensional way. Our interview sessions are more like discussions with applicants about their interests, experiences and the thoughts they express in their essays.

What is the duration of Habib University’s Undergraduate degree program?

All undergraduate programs at Habib University are four-year programs.

I am already enrolled in another university and want to transfer to HU - am I eligible and will my credits transfer?

Habib University takes transfer students. For more details, please visit ‘Transferred Students

What is the fee structure?

Visit for detailed fee structure.

Are there any scholarships or financial assistance/aid available at Habib University?

At Habib University, we offer generous scholarships and financial assistance/aid packages that are customized for each individual’s individual need/merit. For more information, explore our Financial Aid & Scholarships Program

Can I apply through a paper application?

We do not accept paper application, you must login to complete your e-application

When will I receive my admission decision?

We inform all students within approximately two weeks’ time if they are shortlisted for the interview – typically, it takes approximately two weeks’ time after the interview to inform a student about the final admission decisions; however, this timeframe may vary according to the program applied to by the student.

We communicate the decisions to each student through their emails and send letters directly.

How will I receive my admission decision?

Decisions are communicated on an individual basis via email and through post. We will not release admission decisions via the phone.

Can I re-take the entrance examination if I could not pass it in my first attempt?

We only provide one re-take opportunity to those who did not pass their entrance examination in their first attempt. The re-take opportunity is only available for Round 1 candidates

What is the process of re-taking the entrance examination?

You do not need to re-apply for re-taking the entrance examination. You just need to pay your admission test fee. If you plan to re-take entrance examination, please fill in the re-taker’s page at the e-application and send us an email at or contact our Admissions counselor.

Whom should I contact if I need any information related to admissions?

You can contact us through any of the following means if you require any help or information

Visit the Office of Admissions 
Habib University
Block 18, Gulistan-e-Jauhar
University Avenue, Off Shahrah-e-Faisal
Karachi, Pakistan

Call Us: +92 21 111 042242 (HABIB) Ext: 4515 and 4520
Talk to the Counselors: +92 322 2850247 | +92 321 8203568 | +92 321 8203545 
Email Us:

Follow us on Facebook Twitter and Instagram to get regular updates about our events and admission related information.


Who can apply for Habib University’s scholarships?

All students eligible for admission to Habib University are eligible to apply for its scholarships.

When should I apply for a scholarship?

You should submit your scholarship application at the time you submit your admissions application.

How can I apply for a scholarship?

The process to apply for scholarships is easy and simple. Follow the steps mentioned in the diagram below:

Step 1. Gather the details about the scholarships from:

Step 2. Gain access to the online scholarship application by logging into your e-application.

Step 3. Fill in and submit the online scholarship form.

What type of scholarships are offered by Habib University?

Habib University offers three types of scholarships

    These scholarships cover up to approximately 50% of tuition & laboratory and/or studio fees of the recipients.
    These scholarships cover 60% to 80% of tuition & laboratory and/or studio fees of the recipients.
    These are full scholarships available for exceptionally well-rounded and high merit students. At Habib University, being a distinguished Yohsin scholar is the highest honor for incoming students.

Do I also need to fill in the Financial Aid Application if I am applying for a Scholarship?

You do not need to fill in the Financial Aid Application, if you are only applying for Scholarship.

What documents do I need to submit?

All required documents are listed on the e-scholarship form that can be accessed via the e-application.

What is the criteria for awarding scholarships?

The Scholarships awarded by Habib University at the time of admissions are not determined just on the basis of High School Grades. Key factors that contribute in determining the eligibility of students for the Scholarship include the following:

  • Grades obtained in secondary/higher secondary schools
  • Performance in Habib University’s Entrance Examination/SAT Scores
  • Communication skills including writing
  • Thoughtfulness about self and the society
  • Passion and initiatives taken for community service, and participation in diverse activities such as sports, poetry, performing arts, visual arts, etc.

When and how will I know if I have been awarded a scholarship?

Habib University will invite you and your parents for a meeting and will share the scholarship and fee payment plan. These meetings are organized once admission decisions are released.

Are scholarship decisions negotiable?

Scholarship decisions are non-negotiable.

Are scholarships awarded for four years or one year?

Scholarships awarded at the time of admission are for four years, provided the recipient fulfills the following conditions:

  • Enrollment as a full-time student, unless the University has approved part-time enrollment
  • Maintaining a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.5 for a Yohsin scholarship, CGPA of 3.0 for a Habib Excellence Scholarship and 2.75 for Habib Merit Scholarships
  • Active participation in meta-curricular activities beyond the classroom
  • Being on good academic standing and follow the University’s policies and procedures
  • Good conduct standing

How will the University support me if I am struggling to maintain the GPA required to continue with the scholarship?

We trust the capabilities of all our students and facilitate them in their academic endeavours through a variety of ways. Habib University’s writing Centre and EHSAS Centre provide remedial support to students in overcoming their academic problems. Faculty Advisors provide one-on-one guidance to students in different areas

In case students are not able to maintain the required CGPA, their scholarship will not be withdrawn immediately. They will be provided a probationary semester to improve their performance and achieve the required CGPA.

Will my scholarship be reviewed each semester?

Scholarships awarded at the time of admission are not reviewed every year. These are renewed each year against your performance. In light of your performance, it may change accordingly. If you will maintain the required CGPA, it will automatically be renewed after every semester.

If I have been awarded with some scholarship at the time of my admission, will I be able to apply for other University-based scholarships during my four-years of study at Habib University?

You can apply for other scholarships too, depending upon the criteria specified for those scholarships.

Financial Aid

What is Financial Aid?

Financial Aid Program supports the students enrolled at Habib University to meet tuition and other fee requirements of the University. Under its Financial Aid Program, the University offers Grants and/or student loans if they are meeting the requirements.

Who can apply for Habib University’s Financial Aid?

All students who apply for admission to Habib University are eligible to apply for Financial Aid if they can demonstrate genuine financial need to fulfil their university tuition expenses.

When should I apply for Financial Aid?

You should submit your Financial Aid application as soon as possible after submitting your admissions application.

How can I apply for Financial Aid?

Applying for Financial Aid is a simple, easy process. Follow the steps mentioned in the diagram below

Step 1. Gather the details about the financial aid from:

Step 2. Gain access to the online financial aid application by logging into your e-application.

Step 3. Fill in and submit the online scholarship form.

If I have not applied for Financial Aid at the time of admission, can I apply for it during the course of my study at Habib University?

You can apply for Financial Aid during your study at Habib University if your financial circumstances change. Your application will be reviewed as per Habib University’s policy and decisions will be taken accordingly

Do I also need to fill in a Scholarship form if I am applying for Financial Aid?

It is not essential. You can apply for just financial aid as well.

What documents do I need to submit?

You need to submit several documents along with your application for a fair assessment of your application. Please see the detailed list of required documents at the front page of financial aid application.

Do I need to get my documents attested; and if so, by whom?

Students must get their documents attested by a public notary or by the institution that issued the original document(s).

What if my parents are unwilling to disclose information on the Financial Aid form?

For a fair assessment of your application, it is essential that you provide complete information in your application. Incomplete applications will not be evaluated. All financial information and documents submitted to the Student Finance Office will be treated as confidential.

What can I expect during the verification stage of my application?

While evaluating student applications, the Student Finance Office may conduct verification from a recognized source or third party to ensure that the information submitted is genuine. They may also request additional documents or explanation of information from the student.

Failure to provide information, giving incomplete or incorrect information, or concealment of information will result in the withdrawal or denial of Financial Aid. The University also reserves the right to take strict disciplinary action against such applicants or students.

How is the need and the amount of Financial Aid provided determined? Is there any income cut-off to be eligible for Financial Aid?

There is no specific income cut-off point for eligibility for Financial Aid. Financial need and assistance packages are determined after a thorough, independent review of each case. Our goal is to treat students fairly while still maintaining flexibility and recognizing special circumstances.

There are various factors that the Office of Student Finance considers while evaluating applications, including living expenses based on the household size, taxes paid by your family, medical expenses, educational expenses of siblings, family’s assets, and/or any special circumstances of the family. These factors help us estimate your family’s contribution to your education. If the estimated contribution is less than the cost of attending Habib University, you will be offered Financial Aid.

When and how will I know if I have been awarded a Financial Aid package?

Habib University will invite you and your parents for a meeting after admission decisions are released. Your financial aid package will be shared with you in the meeting.

Are Financial Aid decisions negotiable?

Generally, financial aid decisions are non-negotiable. However, for special circumstances, you may consider having a discussion with the Head of Admissions.

Will the Financial Aid awarded at the time of admissions be continued for the complete four-year undergraduate program?

Financial Aid awarded at the time of admission will continue for the four-year period if the following conditions are met:

  • Enrolment as a full-time student, unless the University has approved part-time enrolment
  • Maintaining a minimum GPA of 2.33
  • Being on a good conduct standing and following University’s code of conduct
  • The financial situation of the family as assessed at the time of admissions remaining the same

How will the University support me if I struggle in maintaining the GPA required to continue the Financial Aid program?

We trust the capabilities of all our students and facilitate them in their academic endeavours through a variety of ways. Habib University’s writing Centre and EHSAS Centre provide remedial support to students in overcoming their academic problems. Faculty Advisors provide one-on-one guidance to students in different areas

In case students are not able to maintain the required CGPA, their financial aid will not be withdrawn immediately. They will be provided a probationary semester to improve their performance and achieve the required CGPA.

Will my Financial Aid be reviewed every year?

Yes, your Financial Aid will be reviewed every year. You will be expected to submit an undertaking every year about your financial situation. If your financial situation remains as it was declared at the time of admissions, Financial Aid will continue without any change. If your circumstances change either positively or negatively, your Financial Aid will be reviewed accordingly.

Will my financial needs be fulfilled if I do not qualify for any scholarship?

If you do not qualify for any scholarship, your demonstrated financial needs will be fulfilled through Deferred Fee Plan, Work-study opportunities and Grants.

Habib University’s Deferred Fee Plan and Grants

Does Habib University offer grants?

Yes, Habib University does offer grants to students based on their financial condition and the University’s criteria.

How can I apply for grants?

You only need to apply for Financial Aid. There is no need to submit a separate application for grants.

Is there any maximum or minimum range for the amount of grants awarded?

The amount of grants awarded depends on your demonstrated financial need.

Student Employment at Habib University

What is the Student Employment option?

Under the Student Employment Program, a student is employed on campus for a maximum of 16 hours a week during semester and 40 hours a week during summer & winter breaks. Students are paid an hourly wage in exchange for their work. The remuneration will be adjusted against the Deferred Fee or Current Fee. Students can avail Student-employment opportunities from Semester II if their academic performance is satisfactory and they have scored at least 2.33 CGPA.

Will the Student Employment Program engage me in on-campus or off-campus jobs?

Under the Student Employment Program, you will be engaged in on-campus jobs.

What type of work will I be engaged in if I opt for the Student Employment option?

The nature of work will vary from student to student depending upon their interest, skills, available time and opportunities. These could include working at the Habib University Library with library staff; working in laboratories with laboratory staff; providing services in the gymnasiums, sports courts and swimming pool; working as a peer tutor for specific skills; assisting the technology team; and becoming a student ambassador for Student Recruitment.

How much time can I spend weekly on my Student Employment Program?

16 hours a week during semester and 40 hours a week during summer & winter breaks.

How much can I earn from the Student Employment Program?

Earnings from the Student Employment Program depend on the nature of the job and the amount of time spent. On an average, if a student consistently spends 16 hours a week throughout the year and a little more time during semester breaks, s/he can earn between PKR 50,000 -200,000 per year.

In what form will payments be made to students engaged in the Student Employment Program?

Payment is made via bank cheque in favor of student or parent (either one having a bank account).

Will I be required to do work during my semester breaks?

Students can work on campus during semester breaks. The need to work during the semester breaks will depend on your plans to engage yourself in the Work-Study Program as per your financial need, interest and availability.

How will I be selected for one of the available Student Employment options?

Our Office of Career Services will manage all Student Employment activities. Students will be asked to apply for available positions. There will be an assessment process to ensure that you possess the required skills to perform your selected tasks. If your assessment results are positive, you will be considered for the position you have applied for.

If I am not a recipient of a Financial Aid package, can I be a part of the Student Employment Program?

Yes, you can apply for available opportunities in the Work-Study Program. Your selection will depend on the priority set by Office of Career Services and the Scholarship & Financial Aid Department.

Will the Student Employment Program affect my studies?

Many students undertake studies and work together and manage both. Your Student Employment timings will not clash with your classes and other academic activities. You also need to boost your time and work management skills in order to give proper attention to both.