Breast Cancer Awareness

Oct 24, 2019: The Office of Health & Wellness in collaboration with SerVe club and Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital conducted an awareness session where the experts talked about the preventability of breast cancer and how early detection can save upto 90% of the population diagnosed with breast cancer. The session urged individuals to exercise precaution and let go of the social and cultural taboos which surround this topic.

Drum circle by Parindey

Oct 18, 2019: Music is a coping mechanism to deal with varying stresses in life. The drum circle incorporated various instruments and melodies to connect the crowd with the rhythm and helped them with releasing their worries and thoughts.

DIA Movie screening by Taskeen

Oct 17, 2019: DIA is a movie based on mental health and covers the themes of hallucinations, familial pressures as well as social issues. It caters to diverse fields and resonates with the crowd due to the multitude of themes it covers. A panel discussion with the director of the movie as well as Dr. Taha from Taskeen ended this discussion.

Creative Expressions by Hassaan Bin Shaheen

Oct 16: Hassaan is a lawyer by profession and work towards improv comedy to de-stress and his session focused on how to cultivate positive ways of releasing anger and channeling mindfulness.

Kehdo by ReliveNow

Oct 15, 2019: Relive Now is an online counselling service platform that aims to connect people with psychologists and therapists. Their initiative called Kehdo aimed to talk about suicide prevention and how individuals need to ask, listen and inquire for help regarding mental health.

Emotional Challenges by Mr. & Mrs. Naqvi

Oct 14, 2019: A couple, consisting of a psychotherapist and businessman decided to share their journey of losing a son and how to cope up with emotions and how to channel them into something positive.

Mental Health Week

Oct 14-18, 2019: Mental Health Week is a worldwide practice that establishes the reality that the mind is just as important as the body and we need to take care of both of them. The Office of Health & Wellness delivered an entire week dedicated to the international theme of Suicide Prevention and conducted lectures, movie screenings and destressing activities where students were encouraged to participate and actively think about their mental health.

Fitness and Swimming Program

Habib University encourages students to divulge into healthy exercises to relieve stress and one of the measures taken for that purpose is the introduction of our fitness programs. These weekly intensive programs allow students to let loose and learn skills that they can replicate to ensure a healthy routine and lifestyle.

Throwball Tournament

Sept 17-21, 2019: Habib University girls throw ball team set out to play in the Culligan Throwball tournament and secured a bronze medal by getting the 3rd position in the competition.

First Response Initiative Pakistan (FRIP)

Sept 14, 2019: FRIP saves lives by empowering the general population with the skills and knowledge in the time of trauma. The aim is to train individuals of Pakistan to create a team of first responders, in order to prevent any case of emergencies that take place in the society. The workshop contained training in regards to air circulation, breathing, fractures, choking hazards, heat strokes, and heart attacks as well as drowning.

Active Heart Campaign

To raise awareness about Healthy Heart for a health life amongst HU community, two activities were organized by the Health & Wellness Center.

30 Min Yoga: Yoga emphasizes on breath, focus & meditation, furthermore yoga builds cardiovascular health, improves heart rate and boosts blood circulation.

Blood Drive: Preliminary studies have found that heart disease, high blood pressure, and cerebrovascular disorders were less common in regular blood donors as compared to non-donors. Researchers believe that by giving blood, donors rid their bodies of excessive iron which is thought to contribute to heart disease.

A blood donation drive was conducted in collaboration with National Institute of Blood Disease at the Health & Wellness Center

Power Camp 45

Power Camp 45 was a fitness program based on High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) designed for fat loss, muscle tone, building strength and developing core muscles. It engaged female students for five weeks.

Hatha & Power Yoga

Hatha & Power Yoga was a fitness program that focused on increasing flexibility, improving circulatory & cardio health, increasing energy levels and building strength.

Learn to Swim

It was a six-week Swimming Training Program for those students who wanted to start swimming. The program aimed at making the trainees comfortable in the water and learn to float, recover, move and breathe while gaining knowledge of preparing, staying safe and surviving in water.

Sports Team Participation
  • Table Tennis team participated in HEC Peace Day Event organized by NED University on September 25th ,2018 and secured 2nd
  • Throw ball Girls Team participated in Culligan Throw ball Event organized by Pakistan Throw ball Federation (PTF) at The City School, PAF Chapter and secured 4th position
  • Volleyball Boys Team participated in Volleyball Tournament at Greenwich University
Upcoming Events
  • Mental Health Fair in October
  • Dental Health & Hygiene awareness session with free check
  • Student – Faculty Sports Olympics (SFO)
  • Eco- self-awareness workshop tour organized by TacTack
  • Self Defense for women empowerment – Urban Survival Tactics

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