Office at Habib University

We provide employment opportunities in various departments and actively promote career advancement and professional development.

The Office of Career Services

The Office of Career Services focuses on ensuring ‘Outstanding Student Outcomes’ in careers that the students of HU aspire to pursue. Its primary services include personalized Career Guidance and Mentoring, establishing Industry-Academia collaborations for internships and job placements, Training and Development through various skills building programs among others. Through the services offered by the Office of Career Services, it contributes towards shaping students not only as critical thinkers and conscious leaders, but also as continuously learning individuals equipped with the most sought after 21st century skills making them any employers’ dream team.
If you are passionate about youth career development, Habib University is the place for you.

Student Recruitment and Admissions

Student Recruitment and Admissions at Habib University is tasked with the recruitment of Pakistan’s best and brightest students. With specific focus on Karachi, the department introduces key stakeholders to Habib University’s unique educational pedagogy, values and the important facets of the university, helping students make informed decisions.

Office of Academic Performance

The Office of Academic Performance has a vision to ensure complete academic and intellectual wellbeing of the HU student body. By providing academic advising, as well as connecting students to a wide range of learning support services, the department guarantees students receive all guidance necessary for their academic success at Habib University.

Office of Undergraduate Education and Accreditation (UGEA)

The Office of Undergraduate Education and Accreditation (UGEA) is housed under Academic Affairs & seeks to promote the academic success of HU students by ensuring they receive high quality education and an impactful undergraduate experience. This includes developing frameworks for academic governance, working with accreditation councils, faculty and students via assessments to continually improve curricula, and identifying avenues to enhance student learning and engagement.

Office for Global Engagement (OGE)

The Office for Global Engagement (OGE) serves as the hub for Habib University’s global initiatives. OGE seeks to showcase Habib’s internationalized vision, connect the campus to the global academic community and highlight the vibrant relationships the university is cultivating around the world.
OGE creates linkages with global academia by developing and administering global learning opportunities for students, collaboration and development opportunities for faculty, identifying and supporting institutional collaborations, bringing best practices to the university, and facilitating the exchange of critical global knowledge for the Habib community.

Resource Development

The Resource Development department is a key function at Habib University, whereby the team is actively involved in soliciting and cementing resources to streamline the sustainability of Habib University’s mission to provide access to quality higher education. While driving university towards sustainability, major goals of the department are to help people recognize higher education a worthy cause to give and ensure sufficient resources to provide access to diverse high-merit students from various socio-economic backgrounds. The department aims to create awareness of the mission and showcase evidence of its generosity. It also ensures student success by bridging industry with academia.

Office of Institutional Research

The Office of Institutional Research is Habib University’s specialized department for all its data science, analytics, and visualization needs, and empowering our leadership to make informed and calculated decisions about students, faculty, and its future.

Office of Academic Operations

The Office of Academic Operations is an Academic HR function at Habib University that plays a critical role in achieving the institutional objective of becoming an institution of choice for world class faculty. Working within the Office of Academic Affairs, Academic Operations is primarily responsible for faculty recruitment and retention.

Office of Student Life

The Office of Student Life plays a central role in building and fostering leadership and innovative thinking in students by providing a broad range of services to Habib University students including leadership development, residential programs, public service, community engagement and encourages students to explore their talents beyond the classroom. Students can participate in various clubs and chapters, govern policies through student government, showcase their talents in sports and recreational activities; all while experiencing the applications of their academics.


Library team at Habib University aims to provide students with adequate facilities for learning with passion. With a range of academic services available, it creates an environment that supports learning, teaching, and research. The library provides a stimulating user-centered environment, learning spaces, and customer services supported by digital technologies.
Resourcefulness is one of the key ingredients to academic and professional success. Habib University library makes this happen by providing print, audio and electronic resources for its community. The library is the heart of the institution and houses 23000 print books, and provides access to more than 100,000 e-books and 7000+ research journals.

Marketing and Communications

Marketing and Communications plays a central role in increasing the branding and visibility of the Institution. By partnering with both internal and external stakeholders, the department engages a vast cross-section of audiences including the local and global academia and various media outlets to keep strengthening the Institution’s message of accessibility, sustainability and ensuring students’ success.

Information Technology

IT department is ISO 27001 certified and provide digital empowerment to the university community.

IT is advancing the vision and mission of the university via innovative explorations, sound guidance and open collaborations for digital excellence. IT is delivering cutting-edge reliable and secure technology infrastructure, applications and services for existing and changing requirements. IT provides accurate and timely data for strategic and operational insights.

Office of Human Resources

The Office of Human Resources has a crucial role in building the HU community by developing a strong culture based upon HU’s values and ethos. It aims to empower employees by providing necessary tools, platforms to connect and engage and make them feel valued. Its functions include talent management and retention, learning & organization development, HR operations, compensation and benefits management and employee relations.


Finance is centralized functional unit for both Habib University Foundation (HUF) and Habib University (HU). For efficiency and effectiveness, the department is divided into functional areas i.e., Treasury & General Accounting, Payroll & compensation, Student finance, Budgeting & reporting and Taxation, Secretarial Compliance & Asset Management. It plays an important role in managing, monitoring and utilization of University’s financial resources in an efficient manner.

General Administration & Contracts

General Administration & Contracts department fulfills all general administration needs, procurement of materials, food services, travel & logistics, event management, in-house shop and transport with a focus on its ability to enhance organizational value and efficiency. The department also oversees the delivery of legal services and resources to accomplish corporate goals, strategies and priorities.