Integrated Sciences and Mathematics (iSciM)


Integrated Sciences and Mathematics (iSciM) at Habib University offers a diverse range of rigorous foundational and research-based courses that allow students from all disciplines to broaden their understanding of natural science and mathematics. Our interdisciplinary offerings profiting from various forms of design and communitybased projects allow students to develop essential hard and soft skills required to understand and address complex problems. Key thrust areas for the program include Energy, Environment, Climate Change, Infectious Diseases, Global Health, Theoretical Physics and Applied Mathematics. The program currently offers two academic minors in Physics and Mathematics.

Educational Objectives

Through iSciM, based on their course selection, the graduating Habib students will:

  • Understand the foundations and the applications of the scientific method;
  • Understand the fundamentals of energy, environment, and global warming and learn key skills to address issues of present times;
  • Develop experimental skills in physics, chemistry, and biology; develop a strong foundation in physics, chemistry, bio-sciences, environmental science, energy, and mathematics;
  • Understand the human body functions at cellular and molecular level and the effects of nutrition, microorganisms and environment on human health and society.
  • Develop strong skills in data analysis with an ability to use various software tools;
  • Develop a strong grasp on scientific writing;
  • Develop the ability to understand current research in various fields of science;