Office of Career Services

Off Campus Availability for Students

In order to facilitate students in a timely manner, the Office of Career Services has shared a schedule of availability for students to reach out during the designated timings as well as you can also book an appointment a day before by sending an email or by messaging on the given numbers.

Weekdays – Monday, Wednesday & Friday Available from 3pm – 5pm
Tuesday and Thursday Golden Hours (2:30pm to 3:30pm)
Contact via Email ID For employment opportunities:

For graduate school, resume fixing or career counselling:

For Student employment:

Any general query:

Contact Via Mobile/ WhatsApp Leena Tayyaba: 0344-1330410
Khurram Jamal: 033-43690817
Urooj Durrani: 033-52747422
Mohammad Owais: 03122-338408
Shoaib Khan: 0343-2074221
Mukesh Kumar: 0332-3599943
Skype ID you can add through the email ID Urooj Durrani Owais Jamal Tayyaba Khan

Mission of Office of Career Services is to support students in achieving their unique career goals through counselling, training, and development.

The Office of Career Services (OCS) was launched in line with Habib University’s mission to provide support to its students to educate and enable them to become competent, caring, and critically-conscious members of society.

OCS envisions to ensure thoughtful career planning and the successful transition of HU graduates to the next phase of their lives after graduation. It aims to guide and support students in deciding their future career paths, be it to choose a major and apply to graduate school, search for internships or full-time employment, or come up with an idea for a startup.

To achieve its vision, OCS facilitates students in achieving their unique career goals by offering a variety of services through Counseling, Training and Development, Networking and Experience Building – to ensure that they are prepared for internships, employment, entrepreneurship, or graduate school.

Career Services professional staff’s commitment ensures that students are provided with career guidance and resources to help them identify and work towards their career and personal goals. The Office also provides employer information and connects students to prospective employers through a variety of career trainings and events. OCS provides support to the entire HU student body, as well as other related departments and programs when needed.

The Office has developed a comprehensive and diverse program to ensure that students have a seamless transition from university life to the professional world as per their individual interests and aspirations. The Office engages the students in developing and enhancing their skills to either embark on a Career Journey, launch their own Entrepreneurial Venture, or get admission in Graduate School to pursue higher education.