An undergraduate transfer student is a student who has completed high school and is already enrolled in an undergraduate program at a university/college. They now wish to enroll in an undergraduate degree program at Habib University by transferring credits already earned at their current university.

Habib University takes the admissions decision of transfer students on a case-to-case basis after reviewing their application.

Defining Credits Transfer

Credits Transfer refers to the turnover of earned credit of the course(s) that a student has already taken during their tenure of studies at any other university which meets the criteria of similar courses offered at Habib University.

Core Terms and Conditions for Credits Transfer

The applicants admitted through the credits transfer policy must fulfil the following terms and conditions:

  • Regardless of the time of transfer, all transfer students must complete at least four semesters at Habib University as fulltime students. Additionally, all core courses (Habib Liberal Core as well as those defined by the program concerned) must be taken at HU.
  • The applicant must have obtained a minimum of 2.4 CGPA (grade-point-average) at the end of all semesters taken at the other university.
  • All transcripts of previously taken courses by the applicant must be issued by a national/international university or college that is properly recognized by the relevant Higher Education authority.
  • All transcripts provided by the applicant must be in English or be accompanied with an official attested translation in English subject to the satisfaction of HU admission requirements.
  • The applicant must also meet Habib University’s Regular Admission criteria i.e. Higher Secondary School and Secondary School grade/percentage requirement. To learn about the required criteria, please visit:

Credits Transfer Procedure

  • Fill-out the ‘Transfer Admission Application’ and submit it along with the required documents and the processing fee of PKR. 10,000/= in the form of pay order/Demand Draft in the name of Habib University. Please note that the processing fee is non-refundable. Submit your application and Pay order to the Senior Manager Admissions at the Office of Admissions at Habib University.
    Click here to access and download the Transfer Admission Application
  • Once your complete application and application processing fee is received, your application will be reviewed by the Office of Admissions alongside the Office of Academic Systems and Registrar, Director Habib Liberal Core and the Director(s) of the concerned Program(s).
  • The Office of Academic Systems and Registrar will verify your transcripts from the institutions they were issued. They will also ensure the authenticity of the course outlines submitted and all other academic information provided.
  • The Program Director(s) and the Director of Habib Core will review the courses you have successfully completed and will decide if the credits are transferable or not.
  • Upon receiving feedback from the Program Directors, you will be called in for a meeting with both the Program Director and the Office of Admissions. During the meeting, the Program Director will share the possibility of credit transfer and the possible graduation plan from HU.
  • If the student agrees with the graduation plan and other terms and conditions shared by the Program Directors, they will be asked to appear for the entrance test(s) in the same manner as of any regular incoming HU student (or submit their valid SAT Scores).
  • Upon passing the Entrance test, the student will be offered admission at HU.
  • Students are required to pay Rs. 89,000/= as an Enrolment fee (non-refundable) to confirm their admission at HU and pay Rs. 25,000/= as Security Deposit (refundable) before the beginning of classes.

Fee, Scholarship and Financial Aid

  • Transfer students will follow the fee structure defined for the year in which they join Habib University. Please visit the fee section of the website for further details.
  • Habib University does not offer any scholarship to transfer students. However, if they need support to manage their fee, they can apply for financial aid. The amount of aid provided will depend on the financial need assessed through the financial aid application.

Deadline to apply for Transfer Admission

  • Fall Semester 2024: 2nd May, 2024
  • Spring Semester 2025: 1st November, 2024

Contact Us

If you have further questions about the transfer policies and or need assistance regarding the transfer application, you can send in your queries to