Tuition, Scholarships and Financial Aid

The Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid at Habib University offers diverse solutions to the financial constraints of our students based on both merit and need. The uniqueness of Habib University’s Scholarship and Financial Aid Program is its vastness to meet the need of our admitted students and offer individualized scholarships and financial aid packages as per their merit, need and circumstances.

Habib University acknowledges the merit of all meritorious students through scholarships and provide financial support to all deserving students to meet their demonstrated financial need.

Choosing Habib University for your undergraduate education is a worthwhile investment in your future. Talented and hard-working students with a passion to learn can easily afford to study at Habib University benefiting from its unmatched scholarship and financial aid program.


To ensure equal opportunities for all prospective students irrespective of their religious, ethnic, racial, gender or socio-economic background, Habib University offers unmatched scholarships to support students, fully or partially, so that they can pursue their four-year degree program at the university.

Based on the candidate’s admission score when admitted, they may receive one of our renewable scholarship in recognition of their strong academic achievements. Entrance scholarships are granted between 20% & 100%, depending upon your merit score.

Types of Scholarship


    These scholarships cover up to approximately 50% of tuition & laboratory and/or studio fees of the recipients.


    These scholarships cover 60% to 80% of tuition & laboratory and/or studio fees of the recipients.


    These are full scholarships available for exceptionally well-rounded and high merit students. At Habib University, being a distinguished Yohsin scholar is the highest honor for incoming students.

How are Scholarships Determined?

The Scholarships awarded by Habib University at the time of admissions are not determined just on the basis High School Grades. Key factors that contribute in determining the eligibility of students for the Scholarship include the following:

      • Grades obtained in secondary/higher secondary schools
      • Performance in Habib University’s Entrance Examination/SAT Scores
      • Communication skills including writing
      • Thoughtfulness about self and the society
      • Passion and initiatives taken for community service, and participation in diverse activities such as sports, poetry, performing arts, visual arts, etc.

Annual Renewal of Scholarships

All scholarships are automatically renewed each semester up to a total of four years of study, provided the conditions listed are met:

      • The student stays enrolled as a full-time student, unless the University has approved part-time enrollment;
      • The student maintains a minimum cumulative GPA (CGPA) of 3.5 for the YOHSIN scholarship, 3.0 for the Habib Excellence Scholarship and 2.75 for Habib Merit scholarships
      • The student is on good conduct standing and has not violated any conduct policy.

Maintaining the Required CGPA

We trust the capabilities of all our students and facilitate them in their academic endeavours through a variety of ways. Habib University’s Writing Centre and EHSAS Centre provide remedial support to students in overcoming their academic problems. Faculty Advisor provide one-on-one guidance to students in different areas

In case students are not able to maintain the required CGPA, their scholarships will not be withdrawn immediately. They will be provided a probationary semester to improve their performance and achieve the required CGPA.

How To Apply?

Candidates who wish to apply for Scholarship can get access to the scholarship application by logging into their e-application.

Financial Aid

Habib University’s financial aid program offers generous grants and facilitation to acquire student loans. The Financial Aid Program aims to ensure equal opportunities for all. In addition to applying for scholarships, students may apply for financial aid simultaneously. The number of financial aid awards depends on the need of admitted students. Habib University offers a personalized financial aid plan to each admitted student as per his/her financial needs and the overall circumstances in which s/he lives.


These funds are awarded based on the financial need assessed through the financial aid application at the time of admission. Grants are subject to an annual review of a student’s financial circumstances and do not need to be repaid. A grant is not a loan.

Grants awarded at the time of admission will continue for the four years of a student’s degree program if the following conditions are met:

  • Enrollment as a full-time student, unless the University has approved part-time enrollment
  • Maintaining a minimum CGPA of 2.33 every semester
  • Being on good conduct standing and following the University’s code of conduct
  • The financial situation of the family as assessed at the time of admissions remaining unchanged.

Facilitation for Student Loan

As part of our financial aid program, the students & their families can also opt to be financially assisted through the student loans. The loans will be governed by the rules and regulation of the institution offering the loan. Details are shared with the student and parents while finalizing their fee package at the time of admission.

How To Apply?

Candidates who wish to apply for Financial Aid can get access to the scholarship application by logging into their e-application.

Student Employment

Though Student Employment is not the formal part of a student’s financial aid package but it offers an opportunity to students to off-set the cost of attending Habib University by earning some money through our Student Employment Program. Students participating in the program are employed on campus for an agreed time period and are paid an hourly wage for their work.

Student Employment Program provides a valuable learning experience to students. They learn to balance different responsibilities at a time, understand work ethics, enhance their technical skills as per the nature of the job, build interpersonal skills and gain confidence. Student employment opportunities may include working as a peer tutor or a teaching assistant, working in library for a variety of jobs, engaging in marketing activities, assisting student recruitment and admissions teams in various tasks etc.

Student Employment options are offered to students from their second semester if they demonstrate a satisfactory performance in the first semester. In order to continue with the student employment, they need to maintain a minimum CGPA of 2.33 every semester.

Tuition and other Fees

To make Habib education accessible to all, the University offers unmatched Scholarship and Financial Aid Programs.

 Fee for the Academic Year 2022-23 for the Class of 2026

Admission Related Fee
Type of Fee Amount in PKR (Onetime payment)
Admission Application Fee (Non-refundable) 4,500
Enrolment Fee for Round 1 of Admissions
Enrolment Fee for Round 2 of Admissions
Security Deposit (Refundable) 25,000
Regular Semester Fee
For the Dhanani School of Science and Engineering (DSSE) and School of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences (AHSS)
Fee Amount in PKR (Per Semester)
Tuition Fee for DSSE and AHSS 545,000
Laboratory Fee for DSSE 172,500
Studio and Laboratory Fee for AHSS 77,000
Semester Registration Fee for DSSE and AHSS  (Applicable from third semester for the class of 2026) 20,500

Payment Schedule

  1. Admission application fee is paid at the time of submitting the admission application.
  2. Enrolment fee is paid at the time of confirming your admission with the University. Round 1 applicants will be required to pay enrolment fee as per round 2 if they will decide to pay it in round 2.
  3. Security Deposit to be paid along-with Enrolment Fee.
  4. Semester Registration fee is paid in the beginning of Fall and Spring Semesters.
  5. Tuition, Studio and Laboratory fee is paid in four yearly instalments as per the given timelines:
    Tuition Fee Payment plan
    Semester Installments Timeline
    FALL SEMESTER 1st installment due 1st Week of August
    2nd installment due 1st Week of October
    SPRING SEMESTER 3rd installment due 1st Week of January
    4th installment due 1st Week of March


  6. Prepayment Discounts are available for those students who do not avail any scholarship and/or financial aid.
    1. 1 Year – Habib University offers a five percent prepayment discount for those who choose to pay their annual fees up front.
    2. 4 Years – In addition, if you choose to pay tuition in advance for 4 years you will not only receive a prepayment discount of five percent but will also lock in tuition fee at the current rate with no increase for the duration.


  • Fee is subject to tax as per the policy of Government of Pakistan.
  • University also charges subsidized recreational facility fee if students opt to use them.
  • The above mentioned fee is for the year 2022-23. The tuition and laboratory fee may increase up to 5% annually.

E-Payment guidelines