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The Habib University Dean's Fellowship program provides an exceptional opportunity for early-career academics to further their development. As a Fellow, you will receive personalized guidance and mentorship from esteemed faculty members while engaging in cutting-edge research in your field. The intellectually stimulating academic community at Habib University promotes skill development, knowledge acquisition, and a sense of community among Fellows.

A key goal of the program is preparing you for admission into highly competitive PhD or terminal degree programs through a combination of research, teaching experience, and skill building. You will also have the opportunity to gain valuable teaching experience by working alongside our renowned faculty, further enhancing your pedagogical skills and understanding of the academic profession.

For more information on the program features please click the buttons below.

For more information on the program features please click the buttons below.

The Fellowship is a research-focused program where fellows are expected to actively and extensively participate in research. Fellows will develop a specific research plan and proposal with the support of their faculty mentors, explore potential for collaborative research, and access research grants available exclusively to Fellows. They will also engage Habib University students in their research and work to disseminate their findings through publications and seminars.

The Dean's Fellowship program at Habib University includes mentoring from experienced faculty members to help fellows develop and advance their research agenda, explore doctorate/terminal degree programs and funding options, and make progress on their research. The mentoring experience is designed to support fellows in achieving their academic and research goals.

The Dean's Fellowship program at Habib University offers fellows the opportunity to gain teaching experience by teaching courses in a range of areas. Fellows also have the chance to translate their research into innovative elective courses. Typically, a fellow will teach two courses per semester, but the teaching load may vary based on the fellow's research engagement and interests.

As part of the fellowship experience, fellows will receive professional development opportunities to improve their research and teaching skills. These opportunities include an extensive onboarding program, professionalization workshops, and participation in trainings and development opportunities organized by Habib University’s Center for Pedagogical Excellence. Fellows will also have exclusive interactions with global academics to help them prepare their PhD applications.

Fellows at Habib University will have opportunities to engage with the university community beyond research and teaching. These opportunities include working with the Graduate School Curation Program, Academic Centers, the playground, Office of Research, and Career Curation Program, among others.

Who can be a

Dean's Fellow?

  • Individuals with a strong academic background, who have recently completed or are in the process of completing a Master's degree before August 1, 2023, from a high-quality academic institution within or outside Pakistan. For fields of arts and design, those with only a Bachelor's degree may also be considered.
  • Passionate individuals who are interested in pursuing a doctorate program or a terminal degree within the next three years.
  • Individuals seeking a unique research and teaching experience with personalized mentoring and the chance to engage with undergraduate students in a vibrant academic community

What are the

Process timelines?

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    Submit your application

    Interested candidates must submit their application materials, including their CV, research proposal, and any other required documentation, by April 15, 2023.

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    Recruitment & Selection Process

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    Research Presentation and Interview (April):

    The first step in the selection process for the Habib University Dean's Fellowship program is the research presentation followed by a question-and-answer session. During this stage, the candidate will present their research proposal to a panel of faculty members. This will give them the opportunity to explain their research in detail and exhibit their knowledge of the subject matter. The panel will also ask them questions about their qualifications, research experience, and future plans to assess their suitability for the program.

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    Final Interview (May)

    Candidates shortlisted after the research presentation will be invited for a final interview.

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    Offer (June)

    Successful candidates will be offered a fellowship contract.

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    Joining as a Dean's Fellow:

    The Dean's Fellowship Program will commence on 24th July 2023

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