Engaging Employers

Habib University gives great value to employers as they provide us valuable insights about market and help us in improving the educational experience of our students to ensure their success in the career market. Office of Career Services (OCS) actively engages employers in a variety of ways:

Participate in Career Events

OCS organizes few major events for the employers and graduating students to meet with each other and explore possibilities of working with each other.

Career Fair

The Habib University Career Fair is organized every year in end January/beginning February. The aim of this event is to provide an opportunity to employers from diverse sectors to meet and interact with our students to discuss upcoming employment and internship opportunities. Employers are encouraged to set-up stalls, share their material with students, and orient them about their companies. OCS also facilitates employers to conduct on-the-spot interviews and organize job tests where required.
To participate in the HU Career Fair, register here

Industry Meet and Greet

The Industry Meet & Greet is one of the key events organized by OCS in November every year. The event aims to introduce employers to Habib University, its programs, and the educational experience of HU students. Students and employers get a chance to meet with each other and talk about career trends, needs of employers and way to go forward.

To participate in the HU Industry Meet & Greet, register here

Campus Recruitment Drives

OCS facilitates the employers in organizing recruitment drives at the campus. On the day of drive, employers can conduct information sessions as well as organize job tests and conduct interviews.

To register for on-campus recruitment drives, employers can register here

Be a Career Mentor

OCS encourages employers to act as career mentors to HU students to develop their skills, knowledge, and experience needed to transition into the professional world. Being a career mentor provides a meaningful opportunity to employers to work towards their Corporate Social Responsibility. Career mentors are expected to meet with a group of students once a month to share their experience, help them understand industry-specific and transferable skills, explain and explore market trends, and connect them with other organizations to improve students’ chances of landing a job successfully.

Post Your Internships/Jobs

The Office of Career Services maintains a Facebook group for its students where jobs and internship opportunities are advertised. Employers can send us their recruitment advertisements and/or posters for posting on our FB group. To share upcoming internship and job opportunities, please send them to us at: career.services@habib.edu.pk

Career Services Job Portal: Coming Soon…….