• Golden Night Prom for Class of 2018

  • Strings Convocation Concert for HU Students & ConnectHear Deaf Community

  • Channeling the 80s Semester End Party

  • Open Mic Night by Moseequi Club

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  • Basant Celebrations with Punjabi Rachna II Class

  • Omicron | Science Olympiad

  • HU Comic-Con 2018

  • Heer Ranjha Play by DreamStage Club & Punjabi Rachna III Class

  • HUMUN | Habib University Model United Nations

  • Habib University Sports Olympiad 2017

  • Qawwali Night with Subhan Nizami – Week of Welcome 2017


  • Here at HU, co-curricular activities cover a broad range of sponsored on-campus programs and services that are designed to inculcate leadership and interpersonal skills, civic engagement, and professional competence in students.
  • Campus involvement is inevitable for students’ personal growth; the benefit is explicitly seen during their education as well as in the life ahead. With more than 20 student clubs/societies and organizations on campus, students get many opportunities to demonstrate their potential amongst likeminded individuals.


Our mission is to:

  1. To enhance learning and wholesome development
  2. Fostering success and development through student led initiatives
  3. Creating leaders who are engaged citizens.


The office of Student Life envisions, creating prospects for students that clarify and challenge their values, potential, roles, and responsibilities within the campus, as well as the global society

  • The office is committed to student engagement. Students are actively involved in student life programs and experiences- and are given ownership of the programs and experiences
  • Student Life staff is committed to fostering a positive campus climate and community, and essential support for students, faculty, and staff to learn, develop, and thrive


  • Engage students in active learning and campus involvement through various student led initiatives supporting music, creative performances and rhetorical performances.
  • Prepare them for leadership roles within the University and future work/community settings
  • Develop rich and diverse learning communities in co-operation with the faculty
  • Promote values of pluralism, diversity and multi culturalism
  • Enhance the educational environment by promoting, educating, and facilitating campus-wide understanding of students’ rights responsibilities, and freedom


  • Student Centered
    • We Place students agt the heart of all we do.
  • Excellence/High Quality service
    • We provide high quality service and programs developed with creativity, innovation and a commitment to continuous improvement.
  • Inclusiveness
    • We respect and celebrate the diversity of individuals, perspectives, and ideas while promoting social justice.
  • Learning
    • We engage students in opportunities that promote and support their growth, development and well-being.
  • Collaboration
    • We foster partnerships and build the community.
  • Sustainability
    • We contribute towards a sustainable future and model sustainable practices.


Student Life goals support the university’s mission through two major areas;

  • Goals focused on student development and success enhancing their education and experience at HU.
  • Goals that support the unit’s operational excellence and services provide to the student body
Goals Outcomes KPIs (Key Performance Indicators)
Goal #1: To create a vibrant campus climate Advance student success, self-confidence, and personal growth through self-advocacy. An increase in the number of visible student led and student driven initiatives and programming.
Goal #2: Provide an integrated and holistic learning environment Enrich an understanding of how to think critically from academic programs and research by implementing skills into practice. An increase number of student interdisciplinary and collaborative projects between different majors and departments. May increase an understanding of Liberal Core and Yoshin values through class and outside assignments seen at the time of assessments.
Goal #3: To provide leadership development opportunities Cultivate a vibrant campus climate of resilience and have a positive attitude towards change An increase in participation of student organizations in terms of activity and leadership roles, positive feedback from faculty in terms of class performance, and visible presence on campus and in the community. Exhibited on the HU Lion’s Meta curriculum
Goal#4: Community and Belonging Foster an all-encompassing campus community that enables learning across identities; creating a collective sense of belonging, and social responsibility An increase in sense of acceptance and diversity across manifold dimensions of cultural identity.
Goal#5 Transformative Learning-providing opportunities/support to students to represent HU at various national and international platform Develop an active division with inclusive learning agenda that prepares students as well as staff to effectively advance the goals of the strategic plan An increase in transferable skills, and shape traditional acumen; collaborating with educational institutions and organizations worldwide.
Goal#6 Provide professional learning opportunities that will inspire, empower, and prepare students to set up their strategic goals fro future success Develop an active division with inclusive learning agenda that prepares students as well as staff to effectively advance the goals of the strategic plan An increase in professional growth that incorporates evidence-based practices and represents the spirit of motivation and empowerment.

Two-pronged Approach

Student Facilities & Services

  • Internal External Relations.coordination/Liaison
  • Publication & Communications and Student Media
  • Residence Life and Housing
  • Space
  • Funding
  • Student Employment
  • Office Space
  • Mentorship
  • Transport

Student Success & Development

  • Campus Involvement
  • Leadership & Civic Engagement
  • Student-led Initiatives
  • Student leadership
  • Holistic Learning
  • Global Awareness & Empathy
  • Music. Rhetoric and Performing arts
  • Transformative Learning
  • Community and Belonging