Office of the President

President’s Message


Pakistan has never needed a liberal arts education more than it does now. This model of education makes for a new way of thinking and learning, forming a new lens to view the world with: a unique movement to change the world with. Habib University aims to be one with this movement.

All learning at Habib University is rooted in our philosophy of Yoshin,1920-X-1080-01-copy
a saying of Hazrat Ali (A.S), Yohsin denotes a process of self-cultivation that every student at Habib University goes through, rooted in the five paradigms of service, respect, passion, excellence and beauty. Yohsin also forms the center of our seven forms of thought and action that comprises the Habib Liberal Core curriculum. Taught by our renowned faculty from around the world, our curriculum has a keen focus on interdisciplinarity: we believe that a Computer Science, Computer Engineering or Electrical Engineering major is incomplete without knowledge of history and literature and a Social Development & Policy, Comparative Humanities, or  Communication & Design major is only half-finished without good knowledge of Physics and Math.  Our rigorous, hands-on education is set in an environment of team work, creativity and self-actualization. Students are encouraged to follow their passions, work closely on research with the faculty and collaborate to come up with innovative solutions to real world problems. Our dedicated Student Life department ensures simultaneous personal development whilst our Office for Global Engagement continuously explores opportunities for international exposure. Each member of the Habib Community has one thing in common: they want to make a positive difference in the world today, fully embodying the spirit of Yohsin.

I invite you to learn more about Habib University on this website – or better yet, visit us!


Wasif A. Rizvi
President, Habib University