Graduate School Curation Program

About GSCP

The Graduate School Curation Program (GSCP) is a specially designed program for students at Habib University: Through a 2.5-year undergraduate research and learning journey, the GSCP prepares exceptional students to pursue big ideas and become leaders in their fields of scholarship and discovery.

Students selected for the GSCP receive enhanced funding and structured opportunities for guided and independent research and for collaboration with faculty, as well as access to a range of special courses and mentorship opportunities. They receive support during the application process for graduate schools and scholarships that will help them continue their journey, helping them embark on a lifetime of intellectual curiosity, wide-ranging inquiry and engagement with the community.


The GSCP is Pakistan’s first structured undergraduate research program. It aims to create global citizens with the skills of collaboration, critical thinking and creativity.

Students accepted into the GSCP pursue their intellectual interests in and beyond their primary major. They are enrolled in specialized seminars through which they learn how to develop, execute and present their own research, improve their writing skills and prepare for and apply to graduate schools successfully. They receive funding to undertake research with the guidance of faculty mentors. Throughout the program, they benefit from close engagement with a diverse cohort of academically exceptional and motivated peers who become life-long collaborators.

GSCP students emerge from the program with the awareness, motivation and skills to pursue innovative scholarship and collaboration on issues facing Pakistan today.