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The Habib University alumni community is a network of hundreds of Habib graduates living in Pakistan and around the world. Students automatically become a member of the HU Alumni Association upon their graduation. Our mission is to create a vibrant, engaged and committed global alumni community that both supports the continuing professional success of our alumni and enthusiastically advances the mission of Habib University in multiple ways. The Office of Alumni Affairs strives to build lifelong partnerships and connections between Habib University and its growing alumni community through engaging and inspiring activities and programs that support our mission. Please continue to give us your feedback and let us know about your own progress. Keep in touch!

Featured alumni

My favorite place was the pool. Not only did it help me with my health during finals weeks, but helping others to learn swimming helped me build new relationships while also discovering that I have the potential to teach, which was something I previously dismissed about myself.

Mushba is a writer, artist, and designer who graduated from Habib University in 2019; she majored in Communication & Design and double-minored in Comparative Literature and Development & Policy. Her art-book, Said’s Dictionary, was a class project that utilised the dictionary format to explore themes of mental health and was featured at Focal Point (Sharjah) by Vasl Artist’s Association, and THP Daak (Jaipur, Ladakh, Lahore) by The Happieee Place. Her graphic designs have been featured in and she has also typeset multiple books. Presently, she serves as the Digital Marketing Associate at Active Capital IT and in her spare time she enjoys gardening, reading sci fi and fantasy, and playing video games. To see what else she’s up to, find her on Instagram (@Mushbagram) or Twitter (@HeyMushba)