Habib University Entrance Examination

Habib University’s Entrance Examination is a computer-based standardized test from College Board – a well-known global organization for student assessment. The Entrance Examination assesses a student’s English reading and sentence-formation skills, ability to express thoughts in writing, and competence in Mathematics (based on the program that a student has applied for). It is mandatory for all applicants to appear for the HU Entrance Exam except those who qualify for the test exemption based on their SAT I and SAT II scores or Grades. Click here to know about the HU Entrance Examination Exemptions.

Results of the tests are just one of the important tools we use to assess applicants for admission to Habib University. Besides the test scores, Habib University carefully reviews the following and gives weightage to each of the following components while finalizing admission results

  • Grades earned at the Secondary and Higher Secondary Schools
  • Interview scores if shortlisted for interview
  • Students’ participation in activities beyond classroom such as co-curricular activities, community services, internships etc.
  • Writing capability

Details of Habib University Entrance Examinations are given below: