BS in Computer Science

Computer Science (CS) is the study of computation – what can and cannot be computed, how computation can be made more efficient, how to build machines that can compute, and which spheres of human activity can benefit from computational approaches. It is deeply rooted in logic and mathematics. Theoretical Computer Scientists push the frontiers of computation by inventing new computational approaches. Practical Computer Scientists apply the theory of Computer Science to different application areas like science, finance, medicine, business, transportation, entertainment, education, communication, engineering, art, and the humanities.

Interventions stemming from CS are just beginning to disrupt and reinvent Pakistani society. The CS program provides students the intellectual and technical foundation to assess these interventions and to contribute meaningfully and thoughtfully to the transition of our society to the information age. With an education grounded in the Liberal Arts, our graduates have an unrivalled understanding of our society and the ethical ramifications of technology.

A major with the program educates students in the theory, systems, and applications of CS so that they are able and willing to make impactful contributions to society and are prepared for success in industry, entrepreneurship, and higher education. The National Computing Education Accreditation Council has also recognized and accredited Habib University’s Computer Science Program.

Program Educational Objectives

Computer Science program at Habib University aims to produce competent computer scientists who;

  1. Have strong foundational knowledge of mathematics and computer science, and the accompanying skills both in breadth and in depth, to position themselves equally well in the Information Technology industry, as technology entrepreneurs and/or in graduate programs in Computer Science or other technical and scientific fields.
  2. Have a hands-on approach to self-learning and research, and will continually update their knowledge, skills and technical know-how.
  3. Will be able to assess the societal, cultural, social, religious, legal, environmental, local, and global impact of their actions and will choose an ethical course of action in their professional, personal, and daily lives.
  4. Will be able to effectively communicate and collaborate with people from diverse backgrounds and in a variety of settings.

Program Learning Outcomes

Upon graduation, students will have the following abilities:

  1. Analysis: analyze a given situation and reduce it to one or more problems that can be solved via computer intervention.
  2. Design: design one or more computer-based solutions of a given problem and select the solution that is best under the circumstances.
  3. Programming: program a given solution in a variety of programming languages belonging to different paradigm.
  4. Implementation: design and implement software systems of varying complexity.
  5. Tools: work with the latest tools that support development, e.g., IDE’s, version control systems, debuggers, profilers, and continuous build systems.
  6. Self-learning: research, learn, and apply requirements needed to implement a solution for a given high level problem description.
  7. Ethics and Awareness: foresee both impact and possible ramifications of computing practices.
  8. Communication and Teamwork: work effectively in inter-disciplinary teams.

Requirements for the Major

A major in BS Computer Science requires completion1 of 35 courses and a minimum of 132 credit hours of coursework, with a minimum CGPA of 2.33, as shown in the table below:

Requirements Course Category Number of Courses to complete
Habib Liberal Core2

(10 courses)

University Core 102
Science & Engineering

(9 courses)


Natural Science 2
Mathematics 52
Entrepreneurship 1
Digital Design 1
CS seminar Freshmen seminar 1
Foundation courses3

(3 courses)

Programming Fundamentals 12
Data Structures and Algorithm 1
Discrete Mathematics 1
Kernel courses3

(8 courses)

Database systems 1
Object Oriented Programming 12
Data Structures II 1
System course 1
Nature of computing 1
Operating systems 1
Algorithms: Design and Analysis 1
Software Engineering 1

(2 courses)

Capstone I & II 2
CS electives

(5 courses)

Electives 5
  Over All 35

1 The requirements may be altered to enhance the learning experience.
2 Three courses double counted in Habib Liberal core as well as one each in Mathematics, CS Foundation and CS Kernel courses.
3 Students must obtain a minimum grade of C+ in each CS Foundation and Kernel course.

Career Prospects

A degree in Computer Science opens doors to a variety of career paths in industries ranging from financial technology (), and biomedical to automotive and defense. The holistic academic experience of Computer Science degree at Habib University encourages students to have a diverse range of interests and aptly prepares them to pursue any career of their choice. This is strongly represented in our students’ post-graduation choices and their successes in their respective fields, be it in terms of their association with reputable organizations, prestigious scholarships, graduate schools, or business ventures.

The core competencies of Habib’s Computer Science graduates include an in-depth understanding of foundational computer science principles, logic building, hands-on exposure to various programming languages, training in design, and an indigenous awareness of the multifaceted impacts of their work. One of the unique aspects of a Habib’s Computer Science is that during the four-year journey students are exposed to the liberal arts curriculum, which enables them to have a diverse perspective on challenges of modern-day problems.

Computer Science graduates can choose to develop their expertise in a broad range of areas, including;

  • Computer science theory
  • Machine learning
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Computer graphics
  • Software design and engineering
  • Computer networking
  • Information security
  • Robotics

Our graduates have been employed by top organizations including;

  • Pakistan Air force
  • Afiniti
  • Stellic
  • Daraz
  • UBL
  • Bank Alfalah
  • HBL
  • Epic Games
  • Salesflo

Some of our graduates are currently pursuing their graduate studies at some of top international institutes like;

  • University of Maryland
  • Université de Bordeaux
  • The George Washington University