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What is EHSAS?

EHSAS is the Educational Help, Services and Academic Support Center. It comes from the Urdu word for feeling, sense, or realization. In keeping with its etymology, EHSAS prides itself on equipping students with a sense of confidence, a feeling of inspiration, and a renewed desire for academic accomplishment. We focus on individual development within a supportive, collaborative, and student-centric learning space.

Services provided by EHSAS range from:

  • Peer Tutoring program,
  • Skillshops (Skill development Workshops)

    • Course Readiness Workshops
    • Course Specific Workshops
    • Technical skills Workshops and
    • Exam Review Sessions
  • Course related Course packs, Books, and Resources,
  • Online Resources for self-paced study

Workshops and training sessions are organized by EHSAS over the course of four years to help students acquire these skills. Students can join the EHSAS Facebook and Instagram to post questions, interact with fellow students and to generally stay updated on events happening at EHSAS.

Timings: Monday to Friday and working Saturday: 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Location: Library Lower Ground Floor- Accessible from the library ground floor
Extension: 5529

Learning Support Provided by EHSAS

EHSAS supports students in improving their academic performance and in acquiring new skills through the following programs: