What is EHSAS?
EHSAS is the Educational Help, Services and Academic Support Center. ‘Ehsas’ is also an Urdu word for feeling, sense, or realization. In keeping with our etymology, EHSAS prides itself on equipping students with a sense of confidence, a feeling of inspiration, and a renewed desire for academic accomplishment. We focus on individual development within a supportive and collaborative learning space.

EHSAS is a space where questions are encouraged and academic ambition rewarded: students from various academic backgrounds walk in daily to consult with our tutors, browse the shelves stocked with core learning materials, or simply to find a welcoming space for intellectual engagement.

Timings: Monday to Friday and working Saturday: 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Location: Library Lower Ground Floor- Accessible from library ground floor
Contact: EHSAS.Center@habib.edu.pk

Learning Support Provided by EHSAS
EHSAS supports students in improving their academic performance and in acquiring new skills through the following programs: