Engaging Alumni

Alumni are our most important resource and the Office of Career Services (OCS) aims to foster, maintain, and support communication amongst alumni and students through various programs and initiatives by engaging with them for a symbiotic relationship.

Support OCS

OCS encourages HU Alumni to remain connected and support the Office by:

  • Providing feedback to OCS about the job market, career trends, and their experience to further develop and enhance career trainings and provide a support framework for students.
  • Serving the HU student community by providing mentoring, coaching, and volunteering support through various initiatives.
  • Working as an HU ambassador to connect OCS with new employers and opportunities for graduating students.
  • Assisting OCS in organizing career and networking events.
  • Participating in panel discussions and other career activities to share with students their experience of transitioning from campus to career.

Avail Career Services

Alumni can avail a number of services offered by the Office after graduation by registering for them:

  • Career Counseling and Guidance
  • Participation in Career Events and Workshops (e.g. networking events, panel discussions, career development workshops, and more)
  • Access to the Facebook group and job portal of OCS for daily updates on job opportunities

Be a Peer Career Mentor

Alumni can closely work with HU students as career mentors to bridge the gap between academic life and the professional world. They can help them in acquiring skills, developing tools, and connecting them with the market.