OCS Services for Students

OCS Services for Students

Office of Career Services starts working with students from their first year at the University. The Office has chalked out a broad career development plan for the students of each year.

Year 1: Exploration

Students explore career resources available on campus, connect with the counselors for initial guidance, and prepare themselves for internships.

Year 2: Development

Year 2 focuses more on developing ideas for their future career based on their initial internship experience and academic experience of Year 1. They are expected to meet with the counselors and participate in career events to further explore and develop their ideas. They are highly encouraged to take summer internships.

Year 3 & 4: Preparation

During last two years, students participate in a variety of career and graduate school activities as per their future plans. They are expected to develop and enhance transitional skills and tools essential for successfully entering into the next phase of their lives. They are provided support for developing skills, networking, and implementing their career plans.