Habib University’s Talent Outreach, Promotion and Support Program (HU TOPS)

What is HU TOPS?

Habib University’s Talent Outreach, Promotion and Support Program is designed for students who are enrolled in Pakistan’s Board of Intermediate Education (BIE)Federal Board (FB) and the Aga Khan University Examination Board (AKU-EB) for their Intermediate Education. HU TOPS provides an opportunity to talented students of BIE, FB and AKU-EB to apply for admission to Habib University and get admitted with full tuition and laboratory fee waiver for their undergraduate degree based on their academic talent and passion to learn.

Habib University believes in providing equal opportunities and nurturing talent and potential irrespective of educational, socio-economic and ethnic backgrounds. HU TOPS is an example of this commitment to Pakistan. The University will ensure students enrolled through HU TOPS shape thoughtful careers and life paths for themselves. They will be supported in growing as life-long learners, creative problem solvers and dynamic leaders, with a passion to serve the society.

Benefits of HU TOPS

  • An exceptional opportunity to study at Habib University for a transformative learning experience.
  • Full Tuition, Laboratory and Semester Registration Fee waiver
  • Admission Application Fee waiver
  • Opportunity to attend a Summer Admission Preparatory Program at HU free of cost

Who Can Apply?

All potential students who fulfill the following conditions can apply for HU TOPS

  • Graduated from or Enrolled at the following Boards:
    • Any Board of Intermediate Education of Pakistan
    • Federal Board of Pakistan
    • Aga Khan University Examination Board (AKU‐EB)
  • Have completed or will complete HSSC II by August, 2021.
  • Planning to pursue a four-year undergraduate program at Habib University.
  • Have scored the following marks:


     Level of Education  Science group  Other groups
     HSSC Completed  Overall 75% or above  Overall 70% or above
     HSSC-II in Progress  Passing Certificate of HSSC-I  Passing Certificate of HSSC-I
     SSC (Matric)  Overall 80% or above  Overall 75% or above

    Specific SSC Subject Requirements (All groups)

    Mathematics: minimum 75% or above
    English: minimum 65% or above


     Level of Education  Science group  Other groups
     HSSC Completed  Overall 75% or above  Overall 70% or above
     HSSC-II in Progress  Passing Certificate of HSSC-I  Passing Certificate of HSSC-I
     SSC (Matric)  Overall 80% or above  Overall 75% or above

    Specific SSC Subject Requirements (All groups)

    English: minimum 75% or above
    Mathematics: minimum 65% or above

Application & Selection Process

HU TOPS has a six-step selection process as highlighted below:

Step 1: Register

  • Register yourself for HU  TOPS. Fill the  application, scan the required documents and upload them. Submit the  application online. You  can register for HU TOPS with no charges.

Step 2: Qualify

  • Take the HU TOPS Core Skills Test. Click here to see the details of the test.

Step 3: Apply

  • Successful applicants from qualifying round will apply for admissions to Habib University through HU TOPS. They will not be charged any admission application fee.
  • Shortlisted candidates from the Core Skills Test will have to appear for an interview and submit their Merit Scholarship and Financial Aid applications along with the required supporting documents

Step 4: Prepare

  • The HU TOPS applicants can avail to attend a free of cost Summer Prep. Program specifically designed to help the applicants prepare for the HU Entrance Examination. The Program will be organized in May/June 2021. Participation is not mandatory.

Step 5: Take Test

Step 6: Enroll at Habib University

  • The top 50 - 60 successful applicants (based on their performance in HU Entrance Exam and Interview) will be offered admission in their Major of choice. Tuition, Laboratory and Semester Registration fee for their four-year study at Habib University will be fully funded through scholarships and grants. All HU TOPS Scholars will be required to maintain a CGPA of 3.0 to continue with their scholarships and grants.

Expenses Covered through HU TOPS

HU TOPS will cover the following expenses:

  • HU TOPS Registration Fee
  • HU TOPS Qualifying Round Fee
  • Habib University Admission Application Fee
  • Summer Prep Program Fee
  • Full Tuition Fee to study a four-year undergraduate program at Habib University.
  • Full Laboratory Fee
  • Semester Registration fee

HU TOPS will NOT COVER the following expenses:

  • Non-refundable Enrolment Fee of Rs. 49,000/= at the time of admission (subsidized for HU TOPS students)
  • Security Deposit of Rs. 25,000/= (Re-fundable)
  • Transport Fee (if opted for the transport)
  • The expense for books, stationery and other learning resources needed as per programmatic needs.
  • Cost of accommodation and living expenses if you are applying from outside Karachi
  • Membership fee for the recreational facilities (students will pay the fee if they will use the facilities)

HU TOPS Timelines

Steps Timeline/Date
Register for HU TOPS Deadline: 7th March 2021
Take Qualifying Round Test 16th January 2021

17th February 2021

13th March 2021

20th March 2021 – Test Center: Islamabad
[Test postponed due to unforeseen COVID circumstances and partial lockdown in Islamabad, revised date will be communicated to the relevant test takers soon.]

Announcement of Qualifying Round Results 2nd week of May 2021 
Apply for Admission (shortlisted applicants only) 10th  to  11th May 2021 
Participation in the Summer Prep-Program 18th May to 10th June 2021 
Take HU Admission Test 14th & 15th June 2021 
Admission Interviews (shortlisted applicants only) 21st to 23rd June 2021 *  
Announcement of Result 2nd week of July 2021 
Attend HU New Student Orientation August 2021 
Start Attending Regular Classes for Fall 2020 August 2021 

*  Habib University reserves the right to change the date(s) should unforeseen circumstances occur.

Contact Us

Talk to the Admissions Team

If you have further questions or need assistance on some specific issue, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Our office hours are Monday-Friday, 9:00 a.m.to 5:00 p.m.

You can call the admissions team at the following numbers

T (Office): UAN: +92 21 111 0 HABIB (42242) – Ext: 4515 & 4520
Admissions Counsellors: 0321-8203568, 0321-8203545 and 0322-2850249
Deputy Manager HU TOPS:  0322‐2008996

Email Us
For more information about admissions, email tops@habib.edu.pk

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