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Habib University’s mission is to educate promising students from all backgrounds, thereby enabling them to become competent, caring and critically-conscious members of society.

To achieve the mission, HU has created a vibrant community of students which is diverse and inclusive. Students from various geographical locations with diverse educational backgrounds and cultures enrich its beauty.

Our student community possesses a wide range of talents, skills, experiences and interests. HU Student Community use this diversity to enrich each other’s experience by mentoring, coaching and learning from each other.

Habib University is committed to support its diverse student body in harnessing their talents and achieving their goals. We believe in shaping the future of our students with care and compassion and engaging them in a thoughtful self-cultivation process. To realize this vision, the University has made huge investments in creating a comprehensive student support services framework. HU Student Support Services ensure the overall wellbeing of our students and help them thrive academically and in nurturing themselves as thoughtful leaders and conscious citizens.