Orientation Week 2022 (O week 2022)

The New Student Orientation (NSO) will take place from 13th to 20th August 2022. The Orientation Week will start with a exciting Welcoming Evening followed by five days dedicated for new students.

Welcoming Evening
August 13, 2022

Welcoming evening is the commencement ceremony of the Class of 2026 where students and their parents are warmly welcome by the Habib Community. The President of the University addresses to students and parents to share Habib University’s Commitment to nurture future leaders

Orientation Week – O Week
August 15 to 19, 2022

The fun filled week-long online/on-campus learning activities will help incoming students make a smooth transition into the HU community. They will be introduced to various stakeholders of the community including faculty, alumni, student support service staff, and their class fellows.
O-Week will also help incoming students develop an understanding of HU culture, its norms, values, policies and processes, and become a part of the HU family. Students will be engaged in a range of interactive activities to help them overcome their stress and anxiety about entering a new place, become comfortable and confident, and help prepare them to embark on their exciting new journey at Habib University.

O Week Day 1 & Day 2 – Intellectual Experience @Habib
Location: On campus provided that COVID-19 situation allows on-campus activities

Days 1 and 2 will help you in understanding the exciting and intellectually challenging learning experience awaiting for you at Habib University. You will get a chance to meet and talk to your all faculty members and leadership team. Through several interactive activities and panel discussions, you will learn more about Habib Liberal Core, your Major, Habib Minors, First Semester Courses, expectations from faculty, and secretes of your success at Habib. You will have fun time with faculty during lunch and breaks to start building your relationship with them.
Both the days will also help you to explore student support services at Habib and attend very fun and exciting sessions designed by your Orientation Leaders. These sessions will enhance your confidence, energy and excitement to start new semester.

O Week Day 3 & Day 4 – Community and Culture @Habib
Location: On campus provided that COVID-19 situation allows on-campus activities

Both these days will give you a great orientation to HU community and its key community values and standards. These Values and standards will help you in becoming a committed HU Citizen and contribute in keeping Habib a safe space for all of its diverse community members
Through a lot of fun filled, interactive and reflective activities you also get to know and meet with the diverse HU community members and know what role they play in supporting your learning and development.

O Week Day 5 – Getting Ready for Fall 2022
Location: On campus provided that COVID-19 situation allows on-campus activities

Your Orientation Leaders will help you in learning the Tools and Rules of Success at Habib. They will give you a hands-on experience of using PeopleSoft, Canvas and Stellic. They will also help you in understanding attendance and academic integrity policies.
You will get to know about your exciting First Year Experience initiatives and other programs which will help you shape your future. You will attend important security demonstrations.
You will write a letter to your future self and the most exciting thing would be to celebrate new friendships at the end of O-Week.

Family Day – Building Relationships
August 20, 2022
Location: On campus provided that COVID-19 situation allows on-campus activities

New students and their parents will be invited to spend a day at Habib University to interact and meet with Habib Community. They will also learn more about the University through insightful talks, interactive sessions with faculty and staff, discussions with alumni and senior students. Students and their families will enjoy with fun activities demonstrating HU talent.