It was absolutely phenomenal! I honestly have no words to put this together. I wasn’t expecting such warm welcome in making us feel at home. Even though the entire NSO was online, it didn’t feel that it was. Super interactive, fun, meaningful and it felt comforting with a sense of pride and responsibility. The best start for entering University Life. Would recommend each and every human being applying for Habib University to attend the entire NSO and actively participate. It makes a huge impact. Can’t believe the 5 days went by in a blink of an eye.
Mohammad Haider Abbas (Class of 2024)

It was an amazing initiative by Habib University. It really helped in transition to HU as people come from different backgrounds. Therefore, it was really helpful.
Rohan Raj (class of 2025)

I think O week is a very important part of the transition and I appreciate the effort put in by the OAP, HUSG and OLs in familiarizing us with the HU experience. It also allowed us to make friends from the onset.
Hana Ismail Mapara (Class of 2025)

I had a very fun time this week. It definitely made me feel included and involved and like I am part of the Habib community. I now feel confident that choosing and applying for Habib was the right decision. I’m looking forward to the next 4 years at Habib.
Maria Waqar (class of 2025)

The orientation week has been an immensely informative and fun experience, I will cherish the time I got to spend with my batch-mates, faculty and seniors during NSO. I now feel much more confident than I did before NSO, every single person involved in hosting and managing the sessions has made me feel welcomed.
Tooba Khan (class of 2025)

In Orientation sessions, my hard working, energetic, and enthusiastic OLs did a lot to make these sessions interesting. These guys are really collaborative and act like friends…Of course these sessions threw light on various perspectives and helped me in knowing the university. In a nutshell, an amazing experience! Kudos to all those who made it possible for us.
Munim Ul Haq (class of 2025)

I think what HU did is very creative and unique and not a lot of universities (especially in Pakistan) put this much effort into orientation, but I think it is so important because this definitely sped up the “adjusting process” for me and a lot of people. It’s been a week and I’ve already made so many friends and met so many people. The activities were very well thought out and all the games made it easier for me to get to know everybody. The assigning of a project was also really good because participating in team work made me connect with the other members of my team.
Areej Uquaily (Class of 2024)

I immensely appreciated my OLs’ efforts into encouraging interaction within our group – I feel it would’ve been a very different experience if it wasn’t there. I felt great coming to a school which had such an intricately planned system – from offices to the library, everything was organised and smooth running, enabling my trust into the institution. Moreover, for me the O week stood out with the diversity day, it was the first time I felt at ease communicating with my O group. I would say, it was a really good experience, an almost perfect blend of informative and interactive.
Humna Athar (class of 2025)

The NSO week has made my transition so much easier. I just want to appreciate my OLs for being so amazing. I feel much more confident and less nervous regarding any university related stuff. My OLs have played a remarkable role in this transition. And I’m glad that Habib organized this orientation week.
Syeda Maryam Subzwari (Class of 2024)

I enjoyed the orientation week, it made me less anxious and nervous about joining the university. The thing I liked the most was that my orientation leaders were very friendly and approachable.
Syed Muhammad Mustafa (Class of 2024)

O-week was indeed a very interesting way to help students transition from high school to university. The effort of the staff and OLs truly allowed this week to be a success despite it being online. It allowed everyone from diverse fields and backgrounds to integrate within the community and feel very much a part of it. Being freshmen, the experience of a university is very new but all the sessions and activities held during the week helped remove a lot of confusions and apprehensions as we step into the institution. Indeed it was motivating to see a support system of senior students and faculty available to guide us.
Mahnoor Taimur (Class of 2025)

I went into O Week a bit hesitant of the online setting and how interactive it would be. But the next 5 days removed any concerns I might have had. Though on-campus has no exact alternative, I was very happy to have had amazing OLs who I truly bonded with.
Iman Ashraf (class of 2025)

Habib was able to prove me wrong about all the doubts I had regarding an online NSO. It exceeded all expectations I had. So thank you so much to everyone who made it possible.
Raza Hashim Nizamani (Class of 2025)

I am honoured to be a part of Habib University. NSO has been a privilege and I look forward to carrying the legacy of HU in creating a safe space for everyone.
Hareem Abdul Rauf (Class of 2025)

Orientation Week Really helped me in my transition from college to university life. I would like to give a lot of credit to my OLs, as they were always active to help me regarding any concerns that I have.
Hammad Abdul Razzaq (Class of 2024)