Information about Accommodation

Outstation Students – Information about Accommodation

Habib University welcomes lions who hail from outside Karachi, to this vibrant city full of light and life! Improving access to education being a cornerstone of the HU philosophy, the university offers admissions to numerous freshmen every year who cross borders to enter our intellectually stimulating liberal arts landscape, and benefit unlimited opportunities in Pakistan’s most bustling metropolis.

Why Karachi?

A diverse urban center housing more than 20 million people, Karachi is the financial and social hub of Pakistan. As a focal point of technological and entrepreneurial innovation, it is the city where dreamers come to chase their dreams, capitalizing on the vast array of opportunities available to them. This sprawling port city is also home to a population of migrants from a myriad of backgrounds, all combined in a melting pot to make Karachi one of the most diverse cities in the world. With its world-class cuisine, beaches and local attractions, it has earned a reputation as one of the liveliest cities in Pakistan, or as it is popularly known, “the city of lights.”

Habib University is a microcosm of this blend of cultures – our lions are not only encouraged to excel academically but are also taught to listen to differing opinions; to explore ideas that conflict with their own, all the while respecting the tremendous diversity that makes this city quintessentially Karachi.

Habib University captures within its walls the spirit of celebration, friendship, tolerance, entrepreneurship, curiosity, and risk-taking that is Karachi. It opens doors for you in the financial, industrial, and non-profit sectors. Explore Habib University – a campus defined by the sparkling energy of the living and breathing city outside its gates.

Accommodation for Out of Karachi Students

Habib University is cognizant of the fact that outstation students who have been offered admission may require accommodation in Karachi.

Being a non-residential campus, Habib University strongly encourages all outstation students to make arrangements for their accommodation well in advance to avoid any inconvenience during studies. Our current students from outside of Karachi either stay with their relatives or have acquired a place in the hostels available in Karachi. Some have rented out apartments (in groups of 4-6) on a cost-sharing basis. Arrangement of these apartments may be facilitated by estate agents or by the services of MyGhar (mentioned below).


MyGhar establishes and operates co-living spaces for the millennial (professionals & students) of Pakistan. They offer private and shared rooms on monthly or yearly terms in an all-inclusive pricing

Address: Shahrah-e-Faisal Service Rd N, Sindhi Muslim Cooperative Housing Society Block A Sindhi Muslim CHS (SMCHS), Karachi, Karachi City, Sindh

Phone: +92 318 1694427

If you consider the above mentioned service, or that of any other facility, you are advised to visit them in-person to ensure it meets your requirements, and most importantly your privacy, safety, and security.


We understand that safety and security are significant concerns when it comes to seeking accommodation. Hence, while identifications for housing facilities can be made, it is the student’s responsibility to visit the facilities in person (including MyGhar) and ensure that they meet your requirements, most importantly your privacy, safety, and security.

Habib University has just identified a resource to help you. This is not a recommendation.

In case of query or further information, please contact the representatives from the Office of Student Life at +92 21 34301051-55 (Ext. 4599).