Following are the nuggets of wisdom shared by senior students for you to plan for your success. They have come-up with the best advice for you in light of their experience of learning at Habib University

Be Passionate!

Habib presents an unprecedented opportunity to explore and test
one’s own potential. I would greatly emphasize and advise student not hold themselves back but to experiment and explore new opportunities. Play with cameras, be a scientist, mingle with
people, BE PASSIONATE. You are going to be the part of a university that welcomes and rewards diversity both as an institute and as a community, unlike others.
(Muhammad Hanzila Jugnu – Class of 2019)


Do everything at Habib. Use this as an opportunity to explore, explore, explore, experiment yourself, be ready to unlearn and relearn everything you’ve heard before this. Don’t shy away from your radical ideas as this is one place one environment that will accept you and gives you the absolute freedom of speech
(Esha Aftab Shaikh – Class of 2023)


The community at Habib. From helping staff to the admin, teachers and every student. Habib has a strong sense of community, familial love, respect and trust. Make use of that,
maintain it and abide by it. Since Habib is so diverse and accepting, I would suggest you reinvent yourself while still remaining true to your roots. We don’t often get a chance to truly express who we are but at the level of university it’s easier to do what you love and show off your skills. So, take chances. Take that course outside of your syllabus, explore things you enjoy. Talk to professors, make an image of you that hasn’t existed before. You’ll fall in love with yourself even more as well as the university.
(Fareha Siddiqui – Class of 2024)

Follow YOHSIN!

I would simply advise new students to follow YOHSIN values because that is the code of conduct here at Habib. I have personally witnessed Habib students respecting others, having the determination to serve the society, passion for striving towards excellence, and more importantly, sense of appreciation for beauty. Be punctual and diligent. It would be better for you academically to complete your tasks on time, and not procrastinating at all since the quality education here at Habib would demand a lot from you.
(Muhammad Zain Yousuf – Class of 2023)


You might feel bummed out that you’re surrounded by smart people or that you’re falling behind the others, but that’s just your brain making you insecure. The people you look up to were once at your place too. It’s okay to feel lost at the start of your journey, but as long as you persevere and manage your time effectively, you’ll be okay. Habib has an arsenal of resources, make the most of them, and become the best version of yourself.
(Sumaira Khan- Class of 2024)


For one another and demonstrate tolerance. The Habib community is diverse, and everyone has opinions they’re not afraid to voice out. That’s perfectly fine. It’s what Habib expects you to do. What makes it work, and what makes us so close to each other, is the fact that we respect each other enough to respect the right to one’s own opinion, beliefs, and thoughts. At the end of the day, we exist as a community to learn, and to grow. Maintain that mutual respect, and learn to be tolerant of the world around you.
(Britney Samantha – Class of 2024)

Be Punctual!

Always be on time for your classes as it is very important to attend the complete lecture. Moreover, full attendance should be maintained as attending all the classes guarantees understanding of the course which would make it easier for them to score good grades. Secondly, not do anything which is not in line with Habib University’s code of conduct. Every action and decision must be taken while taking into account the code of conduct.
(Syed Hamza Abbas – Class of 2024)

Habib University

Provides an environment that, according to me, is not available in any other university in Pakistan. The energy I have found at Habib has been a refreshing change and it is what makes Habib University the best university in Pakistan. This is why the first piece of advice I would give to the incoming batch is to take advantage of it. University is so much more than academics and grades. Although, they are a very important part of the four years one spends here, it is equally important to use this time to rediscover oneself. Habib has such a supportive environment where you can easily express yourself and pursue your interests through clubs, events and just by interacting with people. You are bound to find someone with similar interests and opportunities to express yourself. Equally so, it is important to step out of one’s comfort zone and experience new things. So, I would say, take advantage of the possibilities, don’t be afraid to create opportunities for yourself, try new things and you are bound to find a supportive community that is willing to experience it with you.
(Fauha Khan- Class of 2024)


The opportunities. Habib is loaded with opportunities to learn, lead, gain experience and grow. There are plenty of student led clubs, councils and governments. There are international and national affiliations. From applying to renowned international universities to job opportunities, it has everything covered. Habib University is such a multidisciplinary system, it not only involves courses been taught, but the inculcation of creativity like music and art. I, myself, learnt Islamic Calligraphy in my first semester whereas I had no hold over artistic things. There are so many things to excel and to open pathways for yourself. You do not know when and in what area you can shine out, but Habib provides you the platform to try and test yourself in diverse areas. All you need to do is to push your boundaries, do the things you have never done and make most out of the chances you will be given here.
(Imra Rahim Hemani – Class of 2024)


With an open mind. The courses here will challenge you intellectually. They will allow you to learn, unlearn and relearn. They will unravel your path towards multiple possibilities of a certain phenomenon/event/theory/ideology etc. Be open to new possibilities. Don’t limit yourself to one opinion, and try to analyze everything with an unbiased approach.
This doesn’t only pertain to the courses that you will study, but also with the people you meet. Whether it’s the professors or the students, they all come from different backgrounds. Be ready to listen to their experiences and understand where they are all coming from. You might not agree to everything that you encounter, but don’t listen to respond, listen to understand. The courses, your encounters with people, your participation in various meta curricular activities, everything will challenge you in one way or the other
(Inara Shahid Ali – Class of 2023)

Reach out for Help!

The abrupt transition to online learning was indeed challenging for students as well as faculty. We all faced the burden of our studies in times of uncertainty and suffering of our loved ones. During all this the most important I felt is our mental health. In case of any academic issue or any difficulty you are facing, do not keep the grievances to yourself and suffer. HU community is extremely helpful, reach out to Student Government, academic affairs or email your professors and they will all try to help you in every way possible.
(Kynzay Fatima – Class of 2023)

Work Hard!

A foundational characteristic of a successful student at Habib is a hard work ethic and good time management skills
(Mah Noor – Class of 2024)

Do not Quit!

I would advise them to don’t give up, just believe in your potential and work hard as nothing is unachievable till you quit.
(Zaki Majid – Class of 2023)

Be Enthusiastic

The first and the most important advice would be that all the students should have a lot of enthusiasm to learn new things at Habib because it is not like any other conventional universities that people hear about
(Manaal Kamran – Class of 2024)

Share Your problems with HU Community.

HU is a community or family rather than a university. People here care, and if you face any difficulty (either academic or social or personal), there are respective offices that you can make use of, or you can just catch a person you think you can share your problems with. I would highly encourage you to meet your respective faculty and academic advisers. This confidence and sense of caring can help you participate in activities subduing your problems and obstacles
(Muhammad Kazim – Class of 2019)

Ensure to attend Orientation Week

Speaking from personal experience, transitioning was a stressful period. But the Orientation Week and the Orientation Leaders helped make the process easier for me. I immediately had a group of individuals I could call my friends or family, at least for a short period of time.
I made some good friends that supported me and helped me grow as a person. I made friends with people I would be hesitant to talk to in other circumstances. Orientation Week forced me to grow and expand my thought process. It helped me to look past taboos and social stigmas. On an even more personal level, I was introduced to an individual who as my Orientation Leader not only proved to be a friend and guide but a true mentor.”
(Mo’awwiz Arshad Shaheen – Class of 2020)

Develop a work routine

As the first semester is not too intense, it’s the ideal time to experiment with different routines and schedules to see what best helps to manage the course load and readings. Connect with seniors from your respective courses and get their advice and tips for success.
(Shanzay Yousaf – Class of 2024)

Balance between academics and co-curricular activities.

I understand that some semesters can be very hard but try to participate in at least one activity outside the classroom per semester. I advise this because (a) it will strengthen the relationship with students, staff and instructors. (b) it will expose you to practical learning.
Another key to success at Habib University is to do the readings on time. It is important because when you keep track of your readings, you will never be behind on studies or get burdened. Also, you lose a huge amount of learning experience if you miss the readings.
(Shazwin Syed Ali – Class of 2023)

Do your Best

Settle for nothing less always do your best. Plan your semester and reach out to your professors.
(Soha Aftab Ahmed – Class of 2024)

Be Organized

Get used to being extremely organized. Since in university we have a semester system, we have to keep track of our tests, assignments, grades, attendance etc. throughout the semester. This is unlike the system we were used in most of our school life where our grades were determined from the final exam at the end of the year and we could cram ourselves just before it and still manage to get a great grade. So for you it would be best if you start managing your studies from the first semester.
(Syed Muhammad Abbas Haider – Class of 2023)

Take Semester 1 Seriously

First semester is a pass/fail semester, that doesn’t mean that the students shouldn’t focus on there classes. The first semester courses are foundational courses,
and for a student to perform well in the four years at Habib it is imperative that they perform well here.
My second advice would be to know the importance of time management. One of the things that I and my colleagues realized that university life is not as easy as college life. In university, students are treated as adults and they must act like one.
(Syed Muhammad Mustafa – Class of 2024)

Be Open for Help

As the semesters here are not easy, you will require constant help. Habib University offers so many support services, unlike other universities. Make use of Ehsas, go to writing centers, ask help from your fellow students and seniors, and most importantly, explore whatever opportunity you get.
Nothing you do is small here. Make active participation in on-campus activities: bake sales, academic events, and conferences, clubs, or anything that interests you. Bring whatever you can to the table and keep in mind no idea or effort is small. You’re here to learn and to get the experience.
(Syeda Maria Munazir – Class of 2023)

Do not Get Overwhelmed

You will be extraordinarily overwhelmed by people, innovative ideas, physical appearances, and campus life too, just as I was. The whole new world leaves such an impression that manipulates you to doubt yourself and your abilities and unintentionally makes you think less of yourself. Although, this is not always the case. Thus, you must remember that you have your own uniqueness and madness. You are special and worthy and that is the reason you are chosen to be a Habib lion.
(Tazeen Fatima Rajani – Class of 2023)