What is PeopleSoft?

PeopleSoft (PS) is a student information system that allows the university to manage its students’ academic records. You will be using it to be enrol in your courses as well as to see your attendance and assessment records. It will keep a record of all the courses you take during your undergraduate education, your grades, the GPA you earned, your attendance, the advising notes from your advisers and your personal information such as phones numbers, CNIC, address etc.

Once you get your official email ID from Habib University, you will be able to use it independently.

How Do I Learn to Use it?

PS is a simple system and you can learn it easily. Open the following Self-service Guidebook to explore PS and to get step-by-step guidelines for using the various functions.

Click User Manual PeopleSoft Campus Solution (Student Self-service)

Click to watch people soft introductory video