The university environment is a different learning environment altogether. Read the key differences highlighted below and make a list of skills which you will need at university. Reflect on your current skill set and identify areas you need to work on before you start your journey at Habib University.

From a child to a responsible young adult

At High School

At University

You are a child

You are a responsible young adult

In high school you are considered as children The exciting thing about university is that you are considered and treated as young responsible adults.
There is a highly structured and supervised environment ensuring you attend classes, do your homework, and prepare for your examinations. You are expected to manage your own learning. If you choose to miss classes and do not submit assignments on time, nobody will follow up or send you reminders; at the end of the day, you will be responsible for the consequences.
Parents are actively engaged in supervising your learning. You will be expected to identify areas where you need help and to acquire that help in order to be successful.

How will HU help?

HU realizes that it may be a big leap for many of you to assume the role of a responsible young adult.

Our Office of Academic Performance, Counseling Services, Health and Wellness Services and Student Life will help you take responsibility of your own learning. Through time management workshops, individual learning plans, academic advising & psychosocial counseling you can easily take charge of your learning and actions.

From a homogenous student community to a diverse Student Community

At High School

At University

You are part of a homogenous student community

High schools are usually homogenous communities of students from similar educational, geographical and socio-economic backgrounds who come together to learn. This gives you an experience of dealing and interacting with a particular group of people

You become a part of a diverse student community

At University, you become part of a diverse student community where students from different educational, geographic and socio-economic backgrounds come together to learn. At University, you need to be more open to building relationships with different people.   You will also be required to have more openness and tolerance for diverse opinions and beliefs about various aspects of life which may be very different from your own.

How will HU help?

Habib University is an inclusive university, and diversity is one of our strengths. HU will facilitate you right from the start to learn how to interact with different people and help you to come out of your comfort zones. 

Workshops and seminars on diversity, carrying out projects and attending Liberal Core courses in interdisciplinary teams will help you become comfortable with diverse people and build openness and tolerance for different perspectives. Our social events, on-going seminars, and club activities will help you learn how to build meaningful relationships.

From teacher centered learning to more student centered and independent learning

At High School

At University

How do you learn? At high school, you are mostly taught in a classroom by teachers. You listen to them and absorb the information provided by them. You are often provided notes and ready-made material to learn from and prepare for exams. How do you learn? You will still have classes, laboratory sessions and studio work but you will be required to actively participate in your own learning process by thinking critically, asking questions, proposing new ideas, making presentations, and working in teams.

You will also be required to study independently, which will include reading articles, undertaking research, writing papers, working on projects etc.

How will HU help?

Our academic support services will help you learn new skills and enhance your current skills in order to undertake all assigned tasks with excellence. 

Read about our Writing Centre, EHSAS Centre, and Office of Academic Performance to become aware of the level of support available for you at HU.

From a highly structured learning time to a less structured learning time

At High School

At University

Less Unstructured/Free Time

At high school, your time is structured; you have

various classes through the day and very little

time to manage things on your own.

More Unstructured / Free Time

At University you will have ample free time which will be less structured.

You will be expected to use your time

wisely by employing your planning and time management skills.

You can work on your assignments,

participate in clubs and societies, acquire help, or provide assistance to somebody else.

How will HU help?

Its exceptional facilities and an environment conducive to learning will help you utilize your free time productively.

You can use our state-of-the-art library or engage yourself in academic support services. You may also use the gym, swimming pool, and other facilities to keep yourself fit and active. You can also be a part of our student employment program or play a leadership/supportive role in various clubs and societies.


From Day-Wise Attendance to Course-Wise Attendance

At High School

At University

Overall attendance is important 

High schools expect you to attend school regularly.

Attendance is counted day wise.

In case your attendance is short, they warn you and communicate it to your parents too.

Course-wise attendance is important 

In university, your attendance will be counted separately for each course.

The University also wants you to be regular, but you will not be warned or followed-up by your professors; it is your responsibility to be regular and punctual for your classes

If your attendance falls below the required attendance for a particular course, you may get a failing grade from that course.

How will HU help?

HU will share their attendance expectations with you clearly for each course so you can plan accordingly. You will also have access to your attendance record and you can check it regularly.