Your Transition and Onboarding Program: Laying the Foundation of Your Success at Habib

Congratulations on your admission to Habib University’s Class of 2026! We are excited that you
have decided to join the Habib community. You are now a part of an exceptionally talented
student community that comprises students from diverse backgrounds who are energetic,
creative, thoughtful, caring and respectful.
Division of Student Success at Habib University serve Habib students by helping them to acquire
required tools, advice, training and support essential for your academic and career success, and
not merely for success but for success with EXCELLENCE. We want to assure you that your
academic journey over the next four years will be life changing, and you will grow into a well-rounded individual ready to play the role of a thoughtful leader in society.

Making Your Transition to Habib Smooth

As mentioned above, the key role of my team is to ensure your success, and the journey of success starts from the moment you accept admission and decide to become part of the HU community.
We greatly care for our students and completely understand that taking a leap from a structured high school environment to a more open and diverse college environment may be daunting for some of you. Besides excitement, some of you may also be feeling a little nervous. Some of you may be worried about your future and transition to college due to COVID-19 situation.
Let me tell you though that you do not need to worry about your transition at all. We are here to facilitate your transition through a series of exciting and informative activities planned through April, May, June and July. We are fully supporting our current students during this pandemic and same level of support is being extended to you as you are now the part of our community and your care is our responsibility.


Highlights of Your Exciting Transition and Onboarding Program

Your regular classes will start from 22nd August but before that, we will be actively engaging with you to lay the foundation of your success for semester 01 by helping you to acquire all the required tools, skills, information, and enthusiasm. Please make note of following activities and participate in them. See attached brochure for further details.

1. A Welcome Meeting with YOUR First Year Advisor – April & July 2022
In addition to Faculty Advisers, Habib University also assigns an Academic Advisor to each incoming class. Ms. Infer Khalid will be your advisor and she will be conducting small group introductory meetings during which she will apprise you of all events and activities planned as well as respond to your questions or concerns and/or help you with all your needs.

These will be online meetings and Ms. Infer Khalid will send you the details to join your meeting as soon as you book your slot. Please register yourself at for an online welcome meeting by selecting a suitable date and time.

2. Get Your Official Email ID and Identity Card – May – July 2022
Your official email ID and HU identity card will give you access to several campus resources. We will send you a separate email with your official email ID and how to register on the HU domain. Be on the lookout for an email titled ‘Your Official Email ID’. For your Official Identity card, we need a recent passport size photograph with a blue background. If you have not already uploaded it on the enrolment portal, please do it at your earliest.

Click and then click on Step 2 to enter into the system to upload your photograph.

3. Course Enrolment for Semester 01 – June 2022
You must be very excited to enroll in courses for semester 01. We will be uploading them on the website shortly. In the first two weeks of June, your Academic Adviser and Faculty Advisers will invite you for course advisory sessions. These sessions will help you understand all the technical and educational details of your courses and help you make appropriate choices and decisions.

*Remember, your course enrolment for semester 01 will open in the third week of June

4. Meet with Your School Team – May – July 2022
In mid-June, we are planning to organize a session for you to meet with the school leadership team, i.e., the Dean, Assistant Dean, Associate Dean and Program Directors. This session will help you to further understand your selected program and your learning experience at Habib.

5. Join the Virtual Student Community – Class Of 2026
Our team is creating a Facebook group for the Class of 2026. We will soon send you an invitation to join. Please join the group so you can start interacting with your future class fellows as well as other members of the HU community.
Your FB page will keep you updated of important events and activities, introduce various HU offices, and run other interesting activities