New Student Onboarding Checklist

Hello, and welcome to your Habib Learning Flight HU 2026 to undergraduate education. Your new learning flight will take off on August 15 but before the takeoff, make sure that you are fully onboard with all necessary tools for a smooth journey.
Following is the checklist of essential tasks you need to do to be onboard for Habib Flight. Assess yourself to gauge where you are. If you have not completed anything yet, please do so. If you need any help, please write to

Onboarding Tasks Completed or Pending
Attended welcome meeting
Joined FB group for the class of 2026.(Click here)
Activated my Habib email account If not, then, please contact us at
Uploaded my recent picture with blue background at enrolment portal Link to portal:
Attended enrollment advising meeting
Attended the session for Learning PeopleSoft for course registration
Enrolled for semester 01 courses
Started taking online support courses as recommended by Habib
Participated in other events to better understand HU Community