So your high school examinations are finally over! You have already secured admission for your undergraduate education at best university in Pakistan, and now it is time to get ready for one of the most important transitions of your life, i.e., from high school to college.

Enrolling at Habib University will be an exciting & important phase of your life as you will take a leap from a structured high school environment to a more open and diverse college environment. Are you ready for it?
Studying at college is a different ball game altogether. With its unique rules, opportunities, expectations, and criteria for success, it will expose you to an intellectually stimulating and flexible learning environment. More often than not, students struggle in their college life as they are either not ready for it or are not provided enough support by their colleges to start this new journey.

Habib University cares for its students and wants you to start preparing for your college education right now, so that your transition is smooth and your university experience becomes an exciting, enlightening and enriching experience from day one.

We will be helping you learn and get ready for the university through various activities including pre-orientation activities, orientation activities, and your First Year Experience program