What is New Student Orientation (NSO)?

The New Student Orientation is a week-long program designed to facilitate new students and their respective families in understanding the programs, culture, norms, policies, and expectations of HU. The NSO also provides an opportunity to new students and their families to ask questions, meet with the HU community, and familiarize themselves with the University campus. NSO is an integral part of new students’ onboarding and transition from High School to University.

The NSO aims to make students’ transition to HU a smooth and joyful process. During the NSO, students will engage in a variety of interactive and exciting activities and events to help them develop new friendships, lower their anxiety for a new journey, build a better understanding of the required programs and policies during their four-year stay at Habib.

The NSO will allow you to:

  • build relationships with the HU Community, including faculty, fellow students, and staff;
  • experience the culture and values of HU;
  • know and understand the HU philosophy, your chosen academic Major and its requirements, key policies and processes, and expectations;
  • explore HU facilities, services, and resources;
  • receive answers to questions you may have; and
  • participate in exciting community engagement activities and events.