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Student Organizations and Clubs

Araaish e Khayal Araaish e Khayal

President: Muhamad Mubashir

Araaish e Khayal is a student led club whose aim is to organize literary as well as entertaining events for students and faculty for the promotion of Urdu Literature and nurture young Urdu writers within the Habib Community. The club proposes to organize workshops, talks, mushaira, theatre, drama and nishists to provide students with a platform to know more and experience Urdu literature and art.
The club took off its inauguration by organizing a grand Mushaira at Habib University featuring revered and celebrated contemporary and senior poets of Pakistan. Their further initiatives include a Sound-cloud channel for Urdu poetry and Jehan e Urdu curriculum and a blog where students have the freedom to express their reflections about Urdu Adab o Shairi.
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Association of Scientific Progress in Research & Engineering/ASPiRE Association of Scientific Progress in Research & Engineering/ASPiRE

President: Fatima Moin

ASPiRE aims to make Habib University a potent and foremost contributor to Pakistan’s Science and Research output by harmonizing scientific research within the university, facilitating the student body in their researches, streamlining and synchronizing research content and facilities by disambiguation and reduction of the divide between different branches of science. The plan is to execute seminars, talks, workshops by renowned experts and mentors (from recognized institutions, at home and abroad) as well as various trainings, competitions and conferences empowering scientific progress and research.

Within a span of a year, what had started off as a two-line mission statement of ASPiRE, translated into Habib University’s first National Science Olympiad, Omicron. Omicron’18 not only hosted over 300 participants from across Pakistan but created many firsts by partnering with winners of International Science Olympiads (IMO, IBO, IChO, and IPhO) to provide a holistically enriching experience and Pakistan Science Club to facilitate the interchange of ideas among youth to bring about novel solutions. The winners of Omicron received the prestigious membership of one of the oldest scientific organizations in the US, The New York Academy of Sciences.

Brain.Hack() Brain.Hack()

President: Sarfaraz Shahid Hussain

Brain.Hack() aims to promote activities related to Computer Science, to highlight and celebrate its bond with our lives, to serve the Habib community by equipping them with valuable skills and to inspire them by showcasing the far-reaching applications of Computer Science through fun field trips, competitions (not just programming)and tech talks.

Dream Stage Dream Stage

President: Ali Haider

At Dream Stage we hope to bring out hidden talent through plays and theater performances where students can express and showcase their talent to the maximum. It is important to do this not only through conducting plays but also through theater workshops and acting classes so that students are not restricted and can freely express themselves in all spheres that include; acting, singing, dancing, writing and directing.[fancygallery id=”1″ album=”2″]

Habib Adventure Society Habib Adventure Society

President: Abdullah Iqbal

Engraved with the thrill of adventure, mad rush of adrenaline and an everlasting experience of a lifetime, Habib Adventure Society brings you the chance to expand your horizons within a journey through excitement – packed with the sophistication of trekking, rush of scuba diving and delight of activities such as camping, hiking and jet-skiing. Make sure you sign up.

Habib Anime Club Habib Anime Club

President: Moonis Rasheed

Sometimes you’re really passionate about something but you don’t know who to share it with. So we’ve built a platform where the fandoms can come together; where you can express yourself, share your passions and explore new ones.

Habib Arts Society Habib Arts Society

President: Omema Akhtar

The main aim of the Habib Art Society is to find the hidden creativities of the students through their art works that could be in different forms such as- sketches, water painting, oil painting, origami’s, pastel arts, calligraphy, abstract arts, sculpture, graphics art, street art, doodles, acting, comedy and photography. The club not only works for the students who already have creative skills but also provides assistance to those who are eager to learn. The club aims at providing confidence and a safe space to students so they can show their creativity and potential to everyone.

Habib Feminist Collective Habib Feminist Collective

Exec: Asad Ali, Sara Liaquat, Amna Shoaib, Mahnoor Bawa

Founded in 2014, HFEM is the first-ever, official Habib University student society. Following Habib University’s vision to make our campus a safe space that’s tolerant and accepting of diversity, both in identity and dialogue, we’ve been working to make feminism a fundamental Habib value. Our intent is to bridge the gap created by patriarchal institutions, within the Habib community and outside of it through advocacy and awareness. HFEM engages these issues by starting channels of conversation and engaging in varied forms of activism. Feminism is often seen as a “modern,” Western ideology that is exclusionary. We seek to dispel such misconceptions and introduce postcolonial, intersectional feminist thought in the hope that members of the community not only become aware of the discrimination they may have faced but also the various privileges they hold over others – all this in order to smash the patriarchy, of course! We’re co-creating a culture of not just tolerance and acceptance of diversity, but pluralism where a student body of diverse gender identities, sexes, sexualities, and sexual orientations, racial, religious and ethnic groups engage with one another in a healthy fashion that fosters love, consciousness, empathy and thoughtful self-cultivation.[fancygallery id=”1″ album=”4″]

Habib University Entrepreneurship Society (HUES) Habib University Entrepreneurship Society (HUES)

President: Areej Al Madinah

HUES will promote the idea of Entrepreneurship in Habib University students and later on community in general, by encouraging them and providing a platform to execute their ideas. The club will be initiating entrepreneurship projects of its own in different fields of study and organizing (public) lectures, workshops, seminars, competitions, and activities related to the subject.

Habib University’s Public Speaking Club (HUPSC) Habib University’s Public Speaking Club (HUPSC)

President: Zoha Salani

The Habib University Public Speaking Club is one of Habib’s biggest and active societies providing students with a platform to go into different formats of public speaking such as Parliamentary Debates and Model United Nations, competing in public speaking events all over Karachi and Pakistan. For the past 2 years, Habib has made a mark on the Parliamentary Debating scene ranking at tournaments such as IBADC, CBMDC, BALDC, and ZUDC, and have won awards such as the best new team at ZUDC and winning the entirety of JSMUDC. Habib has also started making a splash on the MUN circuit with the start of Habib’s first Model United Nations conference back in October 2017. Along with this, weekly training sessions and practice debates are conducted at Habib to make members better prepared for tournaments and have a good idea about how to improve their speaking skills.

The HUPSC has orchestrated two of Habib’s biggest events to date which are the Habib University Debating Championship which is the only British Parliamentary Format tournament in Karachi and recently had its first iteration of the Habib University Model United Nations which was the biggest student-led event at Habib to this date, and both events drew some of the best debaters from all over Karachi to compete.[fancygallery id=”1″ album=”3″]

Mind Boggle Mind Boggle

Co-Presidents: Muhammad Ismail Khursheed & Muhammad Abdullah Siddiqui

The purpose of this club is to assist and support individuals that have an interest in playing various different board games. From chess and scrabble to sequence, checkers and Ludo, Mind Boggle provides its members with opportunities to either partake in these activities for recreational purposes, or test their skills by taking part in various different internal and external competitions.

We recognize the crucial role board games play in creating a sense of togetherness amongst members of the community, and also in creating an intellectually stimulating environment. Hence why we encourage members to assist every interested individual by helping them improve and hone their real world skills in the areas of strategy, logic and understanding, all the while having fun playing their favorite board game.[fancygallery id=”1″ album=”5″]

Moseequi Moseequi

President: Faryal Malik

Mouseequi was made in the year 2015 with the aim to promote and provide a platform for all music related activities on and off campus. The basic aim of the club is to promote and nurture the young talent we have on campus and provide them with a space to learn music. It is also in our constitution to promote all genres of music making sure none of the genres nor the artists or performers get discriminated in any regard. In the last two years, Mouseequi has participated in the IBA Music Olympiad, arranged different jam sessions, collaborated with Ventage Live Sessions for studio recording and Music Cafe for live jam session. Mouseequi initiated the vocal classes with Ustad Rajab Ali Khan in 2017. The free of cost music lessons became one way of the recruitment of the students for the HU Choir that performed the official anthem of the university on the first ever convocation in the year 2018. Mouseequi also participated in Pepsi Battle of the Bands Campus version for the auditions with its newly created underground band officially recording a live cover for the first time on campus. With new people on board, Mouseequi aims to continue the efforts in promoting music and diversity.

Physics and Astronomy Club (PAC) Physics and Astronomy Club (PAC)

Chief Executive Officer: Osama Yousuf

PAC is a student led club which has a vision to promote research interest in students of Habib University in one of the most significant fields of sciences of 21st century i.e. Physics. One side of the club specifically aims towards astronomy and the other side towards experimental physics. The club aims to hold weekly sessions in which students can have discussion regarding their topics of interest such as astrophysics, particle physics, etc. The club also plans to design experiments in collaboration with Modern Physics and Mechanics Lab.

Pride Press Pride Press

President: Muhammad Mooneeb Hussain

Pride Press was initiated with the intention of giving the student body of Habib University a much needed voice, as well as to encourage creativity and collaboration amongst the community. With student-run projects like the HU Gazette and Kashf, we want to give every individual an opportunity to explore and showcase their talents, voice their opinions, and to improve and grow, both as individuals and as artists. Our ambition is to encourage students to actively engage as members of the community, through whichever medium they best feel comfortable in, helping to create an atmosphere that is cooperative, imaginative and promotes critical thinking.

Raqs Raqs

Co-Presidents: Hafsa Saad Niaz & Faryal Malik

The purpose of this organization is to provide a platform for any dance related activities, to hone abilities and showcase talent. All sorts of dance forms shall be covered and given due representation under this club. Further, this club aims to break the conventional stereotypes related to dance and use dance as a form of expression to materialize social and cultural norms.

SerVe Club SerVe Club

President: Wahaj Ahmed

“The true worth of our lives lies in our ability to be of service to others”.The Serve Club was created with the aim to promote a sense of service within and beyond the Habib University community. We believe that through service, not only can we empower the society but also ourselves to become better individuals everyday.Our club was initiated in 2014 and has been working for various different sectors such as education, health, environment, and the general well being of the university’s community and domestic staff. The club not only carries out meaningful projects and events through the semester but also work to make sure that they have a sustainable and lasting impact. We are also open to collaboration with external initiatives and NGOs to have a widespread and greater impact in the society.

Society for Sustainability (SoS) Society for Sustainability (SoS)

Chair: Nirmal Advani

The purpose of this organization is to encourage and assist the University administration in utilizing the available resources in a most sustainable manner while promoting environmental action and awareness within and beyond the University premises.

Sports & Recreation Club (S&RC) Sports & Recreation Club (S&RC)

President: Naufil Zahid Siddiqui

The club aims to create a platform for those interested in pursuing sports and being a part of sporting events at university level by way of, but not confined to: organizing sporting events and tournaments, creating teams to represent the university, communicating with other institutions in order to coordinate with reference to tournaments in which university teams might participate and organizing team practices in accordance with Habib University’s schedule.[fancygallery id=”1″ album=”6″]

Tachi Tachi

President: Gulraiz Askari

From FIFA to DotA to Five nights at Freddy’s, we at Tachi welcome gamers of all kinds. What we aim and envision for this organization is to broaden the horizons of intellectual gaming and to allow students to interact with each other through such a medium to formulate a healthier and integrated community while having fun along the way.

Women in Science & Engineering (WiSE) Women in Science & Engineering (WiSE)

Club Representative: Ramsha Saad

The Agenda of WiSE is to promote Women in STEM fields and to research why there is a deficiency in their presence. This organisation will give women at Habib University the opportunity to manage events on a large scale to promote awareness of STEM fields, primarily at a secondary level where students have yet to choose their fields and specifically in public schools where there is not as much exposure. By viewing empowering movies, participating in events, conducting workshops, meeting women who have done well in STEM fields and just providing a support to those girls studying science subjects, whether as a major or minor or even otherwise, members of WiSE will have the skills to make a difference when they go out in the real world too. We want inspire the young girl who wants to be computer programmer, scientist or an engineer and to show girls that there are so many options to explore. Lastly, The long term goal of this organisation is to reach levels of organisations like “Girls Who Code”.