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The Habib University Student Government, comprises of two segments: the council and the cabinet, is a student-run organization which exists to represent student interests; to safeguard student rights, to secure an active role for students in deciding official policies and priorities; academic freedom; to guide responsibly and fund student organizations; and finally, to provide a platform for the advocacy of implicit and explicit concerns of the Habib Community.

The Executive Board

The current executive board of Habib University Student Government is as follows:

CS – Class of 2024, President

  • The primary contact-person of the HUSG
  • Carries out the daily functions of the HUSG
  • Moderates meetings of the Executive Board
  • Sets the weekly meeting agenda

CH – Class of 2024, Vice President

  • Co-Primary contact-person of the HUSG
  • Oversees the operations and logistics of HUSG
  • Provides assistance to administration in policy related matters
  • Facilitates the student club by playing an advisory role and logistics

CS – Class of 2024, Treasurer

  • Oversees financial and operational components of the HUSG
  • Provides assistance to administration in policy related matters
  • Maintains records and documentation
  • Provides operational assistance to cabinets

SDP – Class of 2023, General Secretary

  • Maintains communication between the HUSG, the student body and the administration
  • Sets the agenda and keeps the minutes of the HUSG Executive and General Body meetings
  • Assists in policy-related documents

Student Council Cabinet

The cabinet of student council is based on six sections:

  •  Rights and Advocacy:
    The purpose of the Rights and Advocacy division is to respond to human rights violations by empowering students and creating awareness. It will work closely with the Office of Security to empower students.
  • Disciplinary Affairs:
    This committee is obligated to determine the level of responsibility for students alleged to have violated the policy and determines appropriate sanctions, as necessary. It will work with Office of Campus Values and Standards to ensure discipline on campus.
  • Ethos:
    The Ethos committee works to form inclusivity and acceptance of diversity on campus. It will work closely with Office of Wellness to ensure that all students feel included in the community.
  • Academic Affairs:
    The Academic Affairs Committee works with the Office of Academic Performance to improve teaching and learning and the quality of academic programs. In that capacity, it serves as the final locus of dialogue in the formulation of University policies, procedures, and guidelines that relate to academic affairs.
  • Food and Hygiene:
    This committee that has the overall responsibility for all provisions on food and hygiene served within campus are above the HU standards, codes of practice and guidelines. This committee works closely with Office of Administration to ensure that all food and hygiene policies are implemented.
  • Events:
    The committee is responsible for hosting programs and events for the whole university that support the HUSG mandate and promote a whole-some environment based on YOHSIN values at Habib University.

Cabinet Members

Standing Committees

Non-Standing Committees

Wall of Leaders (The Executive board)