Training and Development

The Office of Career Services offers an extensive Career Development Program designed to help students enhance their soft skills as well as develop their transitional skills and tools to gear up for life after graduation. The entire program comprises of different modules and each module helps them learn new skills or develop important tools essential to move from their undergraduate experience to employment, graduate school, or entrepreneurship.

OCS engages students in the following interactive modules in their last two years. Workshop schedules are announced for each cohort:

Module 1: Career Designing

The module engages students to start thinking and planning about their careers using design thinking as a key tool.

Module 2: Interview Skills

This module helps students understand the importance of an interview for their future career. It helps students in acquiring skills, and facilitates them in understanding how to prepare for, and ace, an interview.

Module 3: Showcasing Yourself

This module helps students develop tools to showcase themselves in a professional and impressive way. It provides tips for writing a strong resume/cover letter, developing skillful portfolios, and organizing their social media platforms to brand themselves professionally.

Module 4: Job Search Techniques

This module focuses on helping students to learn how to effectively search for jobs using electronic media, social media, print media, and networking and relationship building.

Module 5: Pre-Employment Tests & Assessment Centers

This module covers various types of pre-employment tests and assessment centers that organizations conduct for entry-level positions. It helps students practice a sample of activities to ace such tests and activities when applying for jobs in different organizations.

Module 6: Job Application Process and Going through Selection Process

This module helps students in understanding and acquiring skills and ethics to follow during the job application and selection process.

Module 7: Graduate School Search/Preparation/Application

This module helps students to understand and initiate the process for graduate school admission. The module provides students with an opportunity to prepare for international admission tests, explore scholarship options, write personal statements, and work under faculty guidance to effectively develop their admission application.

Module 8: Planning for Entrepreneurial Ventures

This module helps aspiring entrepreneurs learn about the basics of entrepreneurship from young and seasoned entrepreneurs. The module helps them to start planning for their expected ventures.

Module 9: Workplace Ethics

This module prepares students to learn professional ethics and values of a workplace which are essential for them to follow to pursue a successful career path.