Graduate School Preparation

Graduate School Preparation

The Office of Career Services (OCS) at Habib University (HU) provides comprehensive career counseling services to facilitate HU students with the right tools to pursue a graduate degree. OCS team helps students in understanding admission timelines, application processes, scholarship options and guides them to prepare for the relevant tests. OCS works collaboratively with faculty and connects students with faculty advisors for selecting programs and guiding them through the application process.

Steps for Applying to Graduate School

You need to start working on the following aspects of your graduate school admission from the beginning of your junior year. You may have to work on various steps simultaneously.

Start Planning

  1. Meet with a Career Counselor at OCS in the beginning of your junior year to develop and reflect on your goals as well as identify and narrow down relevant programs/university options.
  2. Explore opportunities by meeting people who have studied programs or attended universities similar to your aspirations. Start meeting with alumni, faculty advisors and senior students to explore more options.
  3. Participate in the following activities organized by OCS:
    1. Graduate school information sessions.
    2. Sessions/Fairs to meet with the representatives of international universities.
    3. Faculty panel discussion to share guidelines for graduate school admissions and their experiences.
  4. Workshops on writing your personal statement, statement of purpose, and more.

Take University Required Tests

  1. As per the requirement of your chosen graduate school(s), prepare for the required tests. OCS organizes classes for GRE preparation and provides guidance for the preparation of other required tests.
  2. Ensure that you take the required test sufficiently in advance, so that you have enough time to retake the test in case of a low score.

Work on Your Application

It is important that you start working on your application months in advance before the submission deadline. It will provide you ample time to write your personal statement and get recommendation letters. Meet with Career Counselors to get feedback and support wherever you need it.