Class of 2022

The Class of 2022 is the fifth batch to graduate from Habib University. This resilient batch of students have graduated at an ideal time when hope for a new beginning has been awakened among everyone. As we experience the receding nature of Covid-19, the future of the job market promises a world of unexplored possibilities for these students. The entire Habib University fraternity is confident that the Class of 2022 will use their goal-oriented mindset to become engaged, empathetic and thoughtful leaders of the future. The hope is there that their diverse skills and intellect will help guide Pakistan and other countries towards a new dawn as everyone recovers from the effects of the pandemic.

Inspired for Success

The “Inspired for Success” series highlights the achievements of our graduating batch, Class of 2022 – gaining employment, commencing entrepreneurial ventures or getting admission into grad school.

Not only does the Inspired for Success series demonstrate personal successes for the students’ post-graduation, it validates the student experience that is enjoyed at Habib University.The student journey is a mixture of rigourous course curriculums,

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HU Stars

The HU Stars 2022 series showcases the career milestones of our cohorts and sheds light on the intellectually rigorous, diverse, interdisciplinary and a meaningful learning experience students receive at Habib. The videos aim to give a glimpse into the skills possessed by these students that can help them in excelling at their workplaces.

Students from the Class of 2022 share their experience at Habib University and how it has inspired them to pursue their passions once they graduate.