An internship plays an important role in undergraduate programs as it bridges theoretical knowledge with practical skills that are needed in one’s professional life. These are skills which are usually difficult to teach in a University setting.

The Office of Career Services has developed a comprehensive Internship Program to facilitate students in preparing for and applying for internships that meet their career goals and field of interest.

Internships offer students a chance to gain work experience before graduation as well as an opportunity to start experiencing and understanding the work place. Internships are also critical for networking with potential employers.
A well-planned internship that has clear goals benefits the student, the university, and the employer.

Benefits to the Student

  • Acquire hands-on experience in a desired career interest or field.
  • Recognize her/his own competences and assess her/his own work and learning.
  • Learn how to apply concepts and theories to real-world decision-making.
  • Develop and improve skills in communication, critical thinking, problem solving, negotiation, leadership, and teamwork.
  • Build connections and develop a network with professionals.
  • Increase employment prospects in various industries.
  • Build a portfolio for applying to graduate school or for employment.
  • Develop a solid work ethic and professional demeanor, as well as a commitment to ethical conduct and social responsibility.

The Office of Career Services strongly recommends students to take up full-time internships during their summer and winter breaks, or part-time internships during the semester (if their schedule allows for the same). OCS actively facilitates students in acquiring internship opportunities. Students can work as an intern for a variety of organizations and institutions in diverse sectors. There are different types of internships that they can apply for:

  • Paid vs Unpaid Internships
  • Part-time vs Full-time Internships
  • Professional Internships – working with organizations in the corporate sector
  • Social internships – Working with organizations focusing on community welfare and social development; this can include volunteer work as well
  • International internships – Students may get opportunities to work with an organization outside Pakistan

Undertaking an Internship

If you want to take up an internship during the summer or winter break, or during the semester, start planning for it a semester earlier. Follow the steps below to secure a good internship opportunity:

Step I: Start Planning

  • Meet with an official at OCS to discuss requirements and prerequisites for planning for your internship.
  • Write down the goals you want to achieve through internships.
  • Develop your resume, cover letter, and portfolio. Get your documents reviewed by OCS or the Writing Center.
  • Join the OCS Facebook group to stay up-to-date with internship opportunities
  • Begin networking with alumni, faculty, staff, senior students and potential employers to explore options.
  • Attend the Industry Meet and Greet and Career Fair to meet with employers.
  • Attend the HU Internship Orientation Sessions in the beginning of Spring Semester.

Fill in the Internship Intent Form and submit it to OCS by the end of your first semester (Fall Semester). Click here to get access to the form.

Step II: Getting Ready

  • Enhance your interviewing skills and finalize your documents by participating in the workshops organized by OCS.
  • Schedule a mock interview through OCS.
  • Do your research – Read up on the organization(s) before applying for internships.

Step III: Apply

  • Explore and apply to internship postings listed with various online sources such as Indeed, Career Join and LinkedIn besides the OCS Facebook group.
  • Respond to interview calls and appear for interviews.
  • Send thank you letters to recruiters within 24 hours of the interview.
  • Once you have been offered an internship, ensure that it meets the criteria for academic credit (if any), and complete the necessary paperwork with the help of Career Services.
  • Send an email to accept the internship offer.

Step IV: Work as an Intern

  • Attend an OCS internship orientation session to understand key values and conduct you need to demonstrate during your internships.
  • Work as per your internship timings and demonstrate professionalism in every aspect of your work.
  • Keep a diary to record your significant experiences and learnings.
  • Be curious and proactive at your workplace to learn about new things and take initiatives keeping organization’s policies in view.
  • Once your internship is completed, submit a report to OCS. Click here for a template of the report.

HU Students’ Internship Placements at a Glance