Classes and Academic Support

Learning @ Habib goes on (…..line)!

In meeting the unexpected challenge of the COVID-19 pandemic a dedicated group of Habib faculty members, led by Dr. Anzar Khaliq, Dr. Aamir Hasan, Dr. Waqar Saleem and IT, has been working very hard over the past ten days to find an online platform that will allow Habib University to put as many of our classes online as possible.

How will Writing Centre and EHSAS support students for supplemental and remedial teaching?

Online Writing Centre Services

  • HU Writing Center is now offering online tutoring for all students. You are requested to use the YouCanBookMe page (link given below) as usual to book appointments with a Writing Tutor.
  • The days of the Writing Tutors are the same as stated on the page. Their timings are the same too: i.e., 9:00 am to 5:00
  • Once you have booked an appointment, the concerned tutor will contact you using Microsoft teams. All tutoring appointments will now take place using this application. This means you can now receive immediate feedback from a tutor in real time.
  • The Writing Tutor may ask you to send your assignment to him or her when you log on to the Teams app so that you can both see what portion of the text the tutor is referring to while giving you feedback.

If there are any technical issues, or the Writing Tutor has not contacted you, please email at

EHSAS Peer Tutoring is now available online!

You can join any group by clicking on the provided link. You are advised to join the groups of all the courses you are enrolled in this semester. All Peer Tutors and Teachers’ Assistants will be present at their designated time. You can access their schedules HERE.

Given below is the list of courses and their Microsoft Team links.

If you have any questions or concerns, please email at

Which online platform will be used?

We will be using the Microsoft Teams platform for this purpose, which is already a part of HU’s Microsoft suite, so it connects well to Outlook and our LMS (Sakai).

Who will guide students and faculty to start using Microsoft Teams platform?

University IT has sent instructions to all students and faculty about how to download the Microsoft Teams application to your computer and/or mobile phone. Please follow those directions and use Microsoft Explorer, Chrome or Safari to download the application (do not use Linux). Our core team, comprising Dr. Anzar Khaliq, Dr. Aamir Hasan and Dr. Waqar Saleem will also be available to help you.

How will students know about the schedule of online classes?

You will be receiving calendar invites from your instructors ahead of time to join classes, which will be held online at their usual day and time beginning on Monday, March 16th until further notice. Instructors are being asked to record all classes in the Microsoft Teams application, so you should be able to access the recorded sessions even if you were unable to join the class live for any reason.

How can students join a class?

You will be invited to join each class through an Outlook Calendar invite. Click on the link provided in that Calendar invite to join the class at the proper time, or to access the recorded video of the class.

When you join a class, please remember to mute the microphone icon, so there is no feedback from your mic that disturbs the class. If you are having a bad hair day, or are still in your pajamas, you may also want to close the video feed via the camera icon in the Microsoft Teams app.

Whom should I contact if I encounter a problem?

If you encounter any problems joining classes or using the Microsoft Team application, please report those problems to the dedicated email account we have established for that purpose: Please be as specific in your description of the problem as possible. Tell us what computer you’re using (Mac, PC, Android, iPhone, etc.), what browser you’re using what the speed of your internet connection is, which class or classes you’re having the problems with, etc. Together we can do this! We are Habib, hear us roar!

Is there any guiding manual for me to get help?

IT team has developed three comprehensive manuals to guide and help students and faculty. Relevant manuals are listed below:

  • For Students
    • Manual to join Online Classes using  Web Browser
    • Manual to join Online Classes using Mobile/Desktop App
  • For Faculty
    • Manual to Conduct Online Classes

What are the tips to have an effective online learning experience?

There are several points which can make your learning experience a joyful and effective learning experience. Click to read few tips.

As this is the first time we are offering instruction online on this scale, everyone needs to be very patient. Despite all our efforts, this is a huge undertaking and we are trying to accomplish a massive task in attempting to migrate our classes online in a very short period of time. There will surely be many bumps along the way as we work out all the kinks and bring as many classes as possible online. Both faculty and students will need to get used to this method of instructional delivery. You should anticipate that the first week or two after we go online will be filled with trial and error. However, with time and practice we will all become accustomed to this method.