Revisiting the Learning Engagement & Advising Program (LEAP 2023)

An artistic amalgamation of Habib University’s five YOHSIN values, the second cycle of the Learning Engagement and Advising Program (LEAP) was a tremendous success. It was a microcosm of the diverse yet harmonious cosmos of Habib University which offered students from different socioeconomic and geographical backgrounds an opportunity to exchange intellectual dialogue. The students felt encouraged to be comfortable with self-expression, which aided their learning of key skills needed to battle the challenges of academics. Every workshop was thoughtfully designed and worked in sync as one body, breathing life into LEAP’s aim and purpose.

Habib University LEAP 2023

The Heart: Academic Skills Workshop

Focusing on the four skills of language; reading, writing, listening and speaking, Academic Skills Workshop strived to introduce students to different media forms in the world of academics and different ways to engage with them. Whether it be delving into Adichie’s take on feminism or being captivated by NFL Super Bowl advertisements, Habib University’s AHSS and DSSE students learnt to critically analyze material and ideate their critique on it. Shaking off the feeling of hesitation the moment they were handed a mic, LEAP students found a voice and more importantly, a sense of belonging as they contributed to insightful class discussions. Everyone had room to fall and learn more in the process. The workshop not only highlighted the value of speaking up but also emphasized the need to be patient and tolerant listeners.

The Mind: Intro to Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences

AHSS students explored common ideas and terminologies in the study of cultures and societies through this workshop and gained a deeper insight into what their degrees entail. A safe and personal space was provided for open expression of thought where students were able to deconstruct their backgrounds and personal experiences. The workshop aimed to teach cultural intelligence and acceptance while allowing room for vulnerability.

The Brain: College Algebra

Be it finding beauty in the perfect symmetry of logarithmic and exponential graphs along y=x, or the melodious consistency of continuous functions, College Algebra gave mathematics a creative spin. DSSE students traversed through the past of their higher education journey, learning the derivation of formulas and digging deeper as to how they came into existence. Given a chance to finally colour outside the lines, students learnt new methods to critically think in math and solve complex problems.

The Intellect: Coding Camp

Entering the matrix of if’s and but’s, for’s and while’s; DSSE students interacted with the syntax and basic programming constructs of Python. The workshop helped students identify patterns in critical reasoning and problem solving while creating simple algorithms for complex problems. Learning the art of digesting complex problems into smaller manageable tasks gave students a hands-on experience of coding.

The Soul: Community Building

LEAP students broadened their horizons as they interacted with each other. The enthralling and stimulating activities assisted students to develop a generous outlook that will allow them to live in mutual respect and harmony. This cosmopolitan ethic made students feel welcomed and heard, giving them an opportunity to overcome social anxiety in pursuit of lasting friendships.

Overall LEAP helped students to unleash their creativity and develop academic, intellectual, psychological, social and physical tenor.

Written by: Nabeeha Rehman (Class of 2027)



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