Beyond Habib: Thriving Graduates Venture into Academic and Professional Lives

Habib University, the best university in Pakistan for Liberal Arts and Sciences education, is dedicated to providing students with enriching intellectual experiences. With a supportive faculty, conducive environment, and a robust curriculum, the university prioritizes comprehensive preparation for success throughout a student’s four-year journey and beyond. As a student-centered institution, Habib University operates academic and non-academic support centers, including specialized programs like the Career Curation Program (CCP) and the Graduate School Program (GSCP), ensuring students receive the necessary support for a fulfilling academic and professional experience.

Our graduates are already yielding a positive outcome, leaving their footprints in top organizations, global grad schools, and successful ventures, addressing the complex developmental, economic, and cultural conditions of Pakistan.

A crucial determinant to measure students’ success lies in their ability to swiftly enter into jobs, start graduate studies, or launch successful ventures. Following their graduation in May 2023, 75% of Habib University students have actively applied the skills acquired during their time at the University to pursue their chosen paths.

Industry-based Career

A snapshot of HU Career Connect 2023 – A Match of Excellence

Our graduates have successfully embarked on careers with both international and national organizations, making notable contributions to Unilever Pakistan Ltd, Habib Bank Limited, Aga Khan University, American Airlines, Amazon Web Services, Warwick Innovation District, Community World Service Asia, and many others.

A Snapshot of HU Career Connect 2023 – A Match of Excellence

Graduate School Success and Scholarships

A total of 14 Habib University alumni are pursuing master’s degrees at leading Ivy League universities such as Harvard University, Emory University, and the University of Michigan, as well as the University of Oxford and other leading universities.

Remarkably, 11 of these students have been honored with prestigious scholarships, including Fulbright, Erasmus Mundus, Agha Khan Foundation International Scholarship, Koshis Foundation Scholarship, and Parsons Scholarship.

Entrepreneurial Ventures

Computer Science students from the Class of 2023 are showcasing their FYP project, ‘Hostayl,’ an application that provides a marketplace for shared living and coworking spaces.

Here are some of the recent successful and impactful initiatives by our Alumni:
• Anomoz Softwares
Syed Ahsan Ahmed, a Computer Science ’20 alumnus, spearheads a cloud-based business solutions venture with 300+ projects for over 250 global clients.
• Serve & Care Foundation
Roomi Merchant, a BS Electrical Engineering ’19 graduate and founder of this not-for-profit organization, is dedicated to facilitating quality education access for underprivileged children.
Taimor Neeshat, a BS Computer Science ’19 graduate, is at the forefront of providing innovative e-commerce solutions.

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