“The worth of every human is in the measure of their
thoughtful self-cultivation.”

- Imam Ali

Habib University’s guiding motto comes from the great sage of Islam, Imam Ali ibn Abi Talib, and directs
us to cultivate the qualities of grace and excellence, passion, respect and service, that are together
captured in the word, ‘yohsin’.


In our pedagogical mission and encompassing curricular framework, the goal of lifelong thoughtful self-cultivation is realized through a reparative approach
to knowledge and its transmission. Our world today inherits centuries of continuing damage and violence across the vast features of human and planetary
life that are addressed by the natural and human sciences. Habib University’s pedagogical and curricular objectives are oriented towards analyzing and
understanding, as well as healing and repairing our breaking world. We seek to shape reparative futures.

A Reparative Approach Through
a Contextualised Core Experience

At the heart of Habib University’s curricular program is our path-breaking Habib Liberal Core Curriculum that is structured by our reparative cognitive approach. The Core commences with our flagship courses in global and regional modernity, that investigate the origins, structures and meanings of key features of the modern world in history, politics, economy, culture, ecology and religion, both globally and regionally. It then features courses in ‘traditional’ and ‘modern’ philosophy that are essential to a thoughtful and reparative sensibility, as well as conceptual and ethical regeneration. A further range of courses in forms of thought in the natural and human sciences accompany the student throughout their Habib years to cultivate thoughtfulness across the cognitive landscape.

A Reparative Approach From
the Lens of Arts, Humanities,
and Social Sciences

Habib University’s School of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences, hosts innovative majors such as Comparative Humanities, Social Development & Policy, and Communication & Design, that seek to transform the cognitive and practical landscapes of our time across culture, politics and economy, society, media, visuality and history. In their reparative approach, our programs seek to overcome the outdated and violent divisions between tradition and modernity, the past and the future, the secular and the religious, the human and the non-human, that have long structured knowledge in the human sciences in the modern period.

A Reparative Approach From
the Lens of Science and Engineering

Our programs in the School of Science and Engineering – in Computer Science, Electrical and Computer Engineering, and in Science & Mathematics – are similarly oriented towards developing a thoughtful and reparative approach to the problems and practices, orientations and interventions of science and technology, and their management. Science and technology are at the heart of the contemporary world, and the harnessing and reorientation of their enormous potential are key to any reparative planetary futures, and Habib University’s radical pedagogical mission. At Habib, we believe that such an ethical orientation is the ground of excellence and innovation in science and engineering.