Cultivating Growth and Inclusivity in the Workplace

As we look back at the year, the Office of Human Resources at Habib University is proud to share the strides we’ve made in strengthening our community, cultivating growth, enhancing skills, and promoting a vibrant culture of inclusivity, well-being, and engagement. Through our initiatives like Aghaaz and EmpowerHER, and a series of focused training sessions, we’ve aimed to create an environment where every member feels valued and empowered to contribute their best.

Aghaaz (ابتدائے جشن، متفق، ہم کلام)

The Office of Human Resources at Habib University has been instrumental in fostering a culture of team spirit, collaboration, and open dialogue, notably through its monthly Aghaaz program. More than just a monthly gathering, Aghaaz is a vibrant celebration of the university’s collective achievements, diversity, and spirit, enhancing engagement across the community. It’s a platform where the community comes together to celebrate, reflect, and engage, making every member feel connected and valued.

Integral to Aghaaz are segments like the ‘Fountain of Gratitude,’ where appreciation for community contributions is openly expressed, and ‘Beacon of Excellence,’ which provides vital institutional updates and celebrates milestones. Aghaaz underscores the University’s commitment to recognizing individual efforts and keeping the community informed and engaged, further enhancing the sense of unity and shared purpose within Habib University.

EmpowerHER: Becoming a Stronger YOU!

We’re committed to nurturing personal growth and enhancing skills by empowering our people with essential life skills, breaking barriers, and boosting their professional competence. Through strategic industry collaborations, we’re elevating our female workforce’s experience to navigate the personal and professional landscape effectively. The program kickstarted by equipping the participants with training in auto-mechanics in collaboration with Indus Motor Company (IMC) with a key focus on practical hands-on experience. The second workshop under the program was Vitality Unleashed: Health and Wellness camp in collaboration with DUHS, Hashmani’s Laboratory, and leading healthcare professionals to educate the community on holistic wellness and enable them to take charge of their well-being; a pivotal step in fortifying their ability to thrive in a multifaceted world.

Fostering a Vibrant Community of Learners

This past year, our dedication to professional development has been more intentional and robust than ever, particularly through initiatives like ‘Learning Champions’, and partnering with organizations such as Akademos. Emphasizing the evolving needs of our workplace, we’ve prioritized digital literacy and data-driven decision-making, and focusing on senior management’s strategic alignment. By harnessing the diverse expertise within our community, we’ve cultivated a culture where continuous learning and collaboration are integral to our daily work life to foster an environment of ongoing development and shared success.

Together, we look forward to another year of growth, learning, and shared success.



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