Dr. Anzar Khaliq

Assistant Dean, DSSE
Director Playground,
Assistant Professor, Physics
Email: ad.sse@habib.edu.pk

Dr. Khaliq works in the interesting domain of Nano-sciences and aspires to introduce students at Habib to the fascinating world of nanotechnology and synchrotron sciences. He offers a variety of courses at Habib University such as Renewable Energy, Mechanics, Electricity and Magnetism, Advanced Physics Labs, Spectroscopic Techniques, Surface Sciences, Functional Surfaces and Solid State Physics.


  • Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry, Sorbonne Université, Paris, France
  • M.S in Nano-materials, Sorbonne Université, Paris, France
  • B.S. in Physics, Bahauddin Zakariya University, Multan, Pakistan

Research Interests

Dr. Khaliq’s research interests include the fabrication of organic/inorganic semiconducting materials, and studying their physical and chemical properties at the interface. These materials can provide the basis for the development of next generation solar cells, light emitting devices and Nano scale transistors. This study is done primarily via the usage of Synchrotron Radiation X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy (XPS), Near Edge X-ray Absorption Fine Structure (NEXAFS) and Scanning Tunneling Microscopy (STM).

Previously, Dr. Khaliq has worked on the growth of nano-wires via Vapor Liquid Solid Technique using a Molecular Beam Epitaxy setup and characterized them via STM, Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM), Ellipsometry, and Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM).

Previous Courses Taught

  • Electricity and Magnetism
  • Renewable Energy
  • Mechanics Lab
  • Advanced Physics Lab
  • Renewable Energy Lab

Awards and Honors

  • Best Scientific Poster Award and Best Student Talk, C-Nano Summer School ile de France (2011)
  • Gold Medal in BS Physics, Bahauddin Zakariya University, Multan, Pakistan (2007)
  • Best Student of the year Award, BZ University Multan, Pakistan (2007)

Selected Publications

  • Khaliq et al., “Charge Transfer and Energy Level Alignment at the Interface between Cyclopentene-Modified Si(001) and Tetracyanoquinodimethane”. The Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 118 (39), pp 22499–22508 (2014)
  • Khaliq et al., “Ene-Like Reaction of Cyclopentene on Si(001)–2×1: an XPS and NEXAFS Study,” The Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 116, 12680–12686 (2012)
  • Bournel, F. et al. Hydrosilylation of Styrene on Water-Saturated Si(001)-2×1 at Room Temperature. The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 115, 14827-14833 (2011)
  • A Synchrotron Radiation X-ray Photoemission Spectroscopy Study 
    J.-J. Gallet, F. Bournel, D. Pierucci, M. Bonato, A. Khaliq, F. Rochet, M. Silly, and F. Sirotti. The Journal of Physical Chemistry.
    C 2010, 114, 21450–21456.


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