Maria Samad, MA.Sc

Lecturer, Computer Sciences
Dhanani School of Science & Engineering

• Masters of Engineering in Computer Architecture & Design, NED University of Engineering & Technology, Pakistan
• Bachelor of Engineering (Computer Systems) with distinction, Carleton University, Canada

Teaching Experience

• Teaching Assistant, Electrical and Computer Engineering Department, University of Waterloo
• Lecturer, NED University of Engineering and Technology, Karachi

Courses Taught

• Algorithms and Data Structures
• Fundamentals of Programming
• Database Systems
• Software Engineering
• Object Oriented Programming
• Programming Languages
• Operating Systems
• Introduction to Computing
• Microprocessor and Assembly Language
• Digital Logic Design

Research Interests

• Anomaly detection using Isolation Forest and Mondrian Forest techniques
• Heuristic based simulation


Maria Samad completed her Bachelors of Engineering (Computer Systems Engineering) from Carleton University, Ottawa in 2003 with a minor degree in Mathematics as well, and then Masters of Engineering (Computer Architecture and Design) from NED University of Engineering & Technology, Karachi, Pakistan in 2012 (CGPA 3.78).

During the master’s program, her dissertation topic was “Heuristic based cache-replacement policy”, in which she worked on the Apriori algorithm in order to implement cache replacement. As her interest in Machine Learning and Data Science progressed, she wanted to do further studies in the field, due to which she enrolled in the MASc program at University of Waterloo, Canada.

Before Habib University, she taught in the department of Computer & Information Systems Engineering at NED University of Engineering & Technology, as a lecturer. In the past years, she has taught various courses including Computer Architecture and Organization, Object Oriented Programming, Software Engineering, Operating Systems, Microprocessors and Assembly Language Programming, Digital Logic Design, amongst others.

Selected Awards and Accomplishments

• Awarded full scholarship for Doctorate studies at University of Waterloo
• Secured third position in M.Engg. in the department
• Awarded “Nortel’s Scholarship” towards undergraduate university tuition
• Secured A+ in 4th year Engineering project
• Achieved the “Award of Academic Excellence 1998-1999” at high school graduation
• Awarded an academic achievement medal for obtaining the highest average of 99% in Grade 13 calculus
• Achieved the Ontario Scholar Certificate for being on the honor roll throughout high school
• Student member of IEEE (2000-2005)
• Student member of WISE – “Women in Science and Engineering” (2002 – 2004)

Selected Publications

1. Ghojogh, B., Samad, M. N., Mashhadi, S. A., Kapoor, T., Ali, W., Karray, F., & Crowley, M. (2019). Feature selection and feature extraction in pattern analysis: A literature review. arXiv preprint arXiv:1905.02845.
2. Rizvi, A. H., Jamil, A., Sadiq, M. T., Samad, M., Rizvi, S., & Abbas, Z. (2015). Low-cost IP camera for traffic monitoring. International Journal of Computer Applications, 975, 8887.r

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