Inamullah Nadeem, M.A.

Associate Professor of Practice, Comparative Humanities
School Of Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences


Inamullah Nadeem has a postgraduate degree in Urdu Literature from the University of Sindh, Jamshoro. He is currently a Ph.D. candidate in the department of Literature at the Federal Urdu University, Karachi.

Mr. Inamullah has been associated with Habib University since 2015 and has been a lead instructor of Habib Liberal core course ‘Jehan-e-Urdu’ and the courses on Punjabi language, as well as several literature offerings in Urdu and Punjabi. For the Habib Liberal core course ‘Jehan-e-Urdu he received the Teaching Excellence Award in 2022.

As a leading literary figure, he has written a number of essays in literary journals and websites. His books have received national recognition and he speaks on almost all major literary festivals of the country.

Mr. Inamullah possesses experience, expertise, and qualification in different fields of creative arts. A poet, writer and a translator Inamullah Nadeem has more than 10 books on his credit.


  • Dar-e-Khawab درِ خواب(Poetry) Published by Scheherzade Publications, Karachi in 2003
    Published by Aks Publications Lahore in 2019
  • Dozakhnama ددوزخ نامہ (English to Urdu translation of Rabisankar Bal’ Novel)
    Published by Aks Publications Lahore in 2019
  • Amritsar Aagaya Hai امرتسر آگیا ہے (Urdu translation of selected stories of Bhisham Sahini)
    Published by Aks Publications Lahore in 2020
  • Aaina Si Zindagi آئینہ سی زندگی (Urdu translation of Rabisankar Bal’s Novel ‘A Mirrored Life’)
    Published by Aks Publications Lahore in 2021
  • Gul-e-Maani گُلِ معا نی (Compilation of complete works of Akbar Masoom)
    Published by Rang e Adab Publications Karachi in 2021
  • Uss Aadmi Ki Kamee اُس آدمی کی کمی (In memory of Asif Farrukhi)
    Published by Aks Publications Lahore in 2021
  • Barri Haveli Ki Bibiyan بڑی حو یلی کی بیبیاں A selection of Zakia Mashhadi’s short stories.
    Published by Aks Publications Lahore in 2022
  • Dukhtar-e-Rumi دخُترِرومی((English to Urdu translation of Muriel Maufroy’s Novel Rumi’s Daughter)
    Published by Jhelum Book corner, August 2023.
  • Qaidi قیدی (English to Urdu Translation of Omar Hamid Shahid’s Novel ‘The Prisoner’)
    Published by Maktab-e-Daniyal – October 2023.

  • Published Research:

  • ‘Iinterdisciplinary Humanities curriculum for Lady Health Workers (LHWs) in Karachi, Pakistan’. The curriculum was designed for IRD Pakistan.
  • Pakistan Mein Nasri Nazm. پاکستان میں نثری نظم A research based anthology Published in 2022 from Academy of letters Islamabad.
  • ‘Interactive purpose Module for FHWs’ The curriculum was designed for IRD Pakistan.

  • Seminars & Conferences attended:

    Attended several National & International Literary Seminars & Conferences such as:

  • SPELT Conference 2016, Karachi
  • Karachi Literature Festival, Karachi
  • Aaalmi Urdu Conference, Karachi
  • International Conference of writers & Intellectuals, Islamabad
  • Aalmi Mushaira, Karachi
  • Aalmi Mushaira, Dubai.
  • All Pakistan Music conference, Lahore
  • All Pakistan Music Conference, Karachi Chapter
  • Tehzeeb Music festival, Karachi
  • Lahore Literature Festival, Lahore
  • Urdu Poetry Festival. Dubai. UAE
  • London Literature Festival. UK
  • Bredford Literature Festival. UK
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