Design your Habib Experience

During semesters 01 and 02, you will be exposed to the cutting-edge concept of Design Thinking and apply it to design your four-year life at HU. The Design your Habib Experience classes will allow you to think about your career and learning aspirations and develop a thoughtful plan to achieve them. These highly interactive classes will boost your motivation and ability to self-reflect and come up with an action plan to a make the most of your university experience.

Academic Support and Help

You will most likely find some courses challenging and you might even need help in improving some of your academic skills. To ensure that you successfully complete your first year at HU with a strong academic base, a number of on-campus resources are available to you. These include:

  • the Writing Centre to help you improve your writing skills;
  • Peer Tutors to provide you with supplementary support for various courses such as mathematics, programming, etc.;
  • First year advisors to help you navigate your academic journey;
  • Faculty advisors to help you understand the significance of your learning journey at Habib;
  • Faculty Office Hours to meet with faculty outside of class for additional help.