The HU LICS has access to the following online research databases:

Coverage: Monthly

Subject/ Topics: All areas of computer science and information systems. The focus is on the practical implications of advances in information technology and associated management issues.

Useful for: DSSE

Coverage: All volumes from 2002 till 2022

Subject Coverage: Communication, Networking and Broadcast Technologies, Computing and Processing, Signal Processing and Analysis technical and policy volumes relating to personalized, location-independent communications in all media (and combinations of media), and at all protocol layers.

Useful for: DSSE

Coverage: All volumes from 2002 to date

Subject Coverage: Components, Circuits, Devices and Systems, also covers the subject areas represented by the Society’s transactions, including: analog, passive, switch capacitor, and digital filters; electronic circuits, networks, graph theory, and RF communication circuits; system theory; discrete, IC, and VLSI circuit design; multidimensional circuits and systems; large-scale systems and power networks; nonlinear circuits and systems, wavelets, filter banks, and applications; neural networks; and signal processing.

Useful for: DSSE

Database Name: IEEE Spectrum
Description: IEEE Spectrum is the world’s leading engineering and scientific magazine. Read by over 300,000 engineers worldwide, Spectrum provides international coverage of all technical issues and advances in computers, communications, and electronics.
Subject Coverage: DSSE

Available Resources:  13 E-Journals

Subject Coverage: Operations Research, Management Science, Analytics, Information Systems, Decision Analysis, Research Theory, Marketing Research and Science, Computing and Information Technologies.

Useful for: AHSS and DSSE

Available Resources: 3039 E-Journals

Subject Coverage: JSTOR archive cover many disciplines such as Arts & Sciences, Business, Ecology & Botany, General Science, Language & Literature, Music.

Useful for: AHSS

Available Resources: 100+ journals & 5,000+ research reports from over 20 disciplines

Subject Coverage: JSTOR Sustainability Collection covers subjects including environmental studies, environmental science, business, economics, law, aquatic & atmospheric sciences, ecology, urban studies and the built environment.

Useful for: AHSS & DSSE

Available Resources: 17 Journals

Subject Coverage: SIAM fosters the development of applied mathematical and computational methodologies needed in these various application areas. Applied mathematics in partnership with computational science is essential in solving many real-world problems.

Useful for: DSSE

Available Resources: 2541 E-Journals, 102 E-Books, 57 Protocols

Subject Coverage: Astronomy, Behavioral & Social sciences, Computer science, Engineering, Environmental sciences, Geosciences, Humanities, Law, Life sciences, Mathematics, Medicine, Physics.

Useful for: AHSS and DSSE

Available Resources: 2921 E-Journals

Subject Coverage: Arts & Humanities, Engineering, Computing & Technology, Media, Cultural & Communication Studies, Politics, International Relations & Area Studies, Sociology & Related Disciplines.

Useful for: AHSS & DSSE

Available Resources: 1576 E-Journals

Subject Coverage: Architecture & Planning, Art & Applied Arts, Computer Science & Information Technology, Earth, Space & Environmental Sciences, Humanities, Physical Sciences & Engineering, Social & Behavioral Sciences.

Useful for: AHSS & DSSE

Available Resources: 11,000 text publications

Subject Coverage: The IMF eLibrary includes the IMF Statistics, IMF Periodicals, IMF Books and Analytical Papers.

Useful for: AHSS & DSSE

Subject Coverage: The Chronicle of Higher Education is one of the largest newsrooms comprising of News and updates from US Colleges & Universities. It also covers how Higher Education is shaping up, the challenges and opportunities of Higher Education Institutions. The areas covered include teaching, leadership and governance, campus spaces and technologies etc.
The resource can be accessed by signing up using Habib University e-mail id.


Available Resources: It contains 121 eBooks, World History of Design 2 Volumes, Encyclopedia of Design, Encyclopedia of Asian Design, Designer Biographies, thousands of images from Exhibition Archive and different museums across the globe e.g. Museum Collection from – Museum of Art and Design New York, Philadelphia Museum of Art, The National Archive, Design museum Denmark and Museum of Craft and Design.
Useful for: CND

Database Name: Oxford Academic: very short introduction
Trial Period: 1st November 2023
Description: Oxford’s very short introduction offers a concise and original introduction to a wide range of subjects. It provides an authoritative and engaging assessment of a concept field and approaches.