Testimonials from alumni of the NUS Summer Enterprise Program


bakhtawar-nusAarti Lila Ram, Alumni NUS Summer Programme 2016

At the NUS Summer Program 2016, I benefited from an enriching combination of lectures, conversations with different start-ups, ideation and pitching, as well as visits to business and government organizations and corporates. The whole experience has given me exposure, facilitation, guidance and learning that I would not have received anywhere else


bakhtawar-nusFizza Hassan Zaheer, Alumni NUS Summer Programme 2016

I have never truly lived more than I lived in those two weeks in Singapore through the NUS Summer Program.

You must really be there to experience the kind of exposure, eye-opening reality of the world in terms of economic development, learning and life lasting friendships that this program has to offers. It’s been the best academic experience ever!


Mehr-Asma-JavedHamza Kamran, Alumni NUS Summer Programme 2016

The excellence of the programme was in encapsulating the political, economic and entrepreneurial history and ecosystem of Singapore into a single package of 2 weeks. If participating in the programme, be ready to be impressed by Singapore’s architectural acumen and your hosts’ hospitality; the former making Singapore what it is today, and the later ensuring that you leave after two weeks with wet eyes and a heavy heart. And the desire to join the ‘entrepreneur’s club’ at the end of the programme is a given.


bakhtawar-nusWardah Erum Jamal, Alumni NUS Summer Programme 2016

This two week summer enterprise program has given me so much to hold on to and value. I went in as a curious naïve and one of the youngest participants. I came out as a mature, nourished and responsible adult. This summer program provided an enriching and unique platform to interact with local businesses and learn from some of Asia’s best leaders. It was a rare and life changing learning experience. I was particularly fascinated by how Singapore made a creative use of its limited space. It was able to turn its biggest setback to one of its greatest advantage. This provided us with a gist of how Singapore’s economy is constantly on the go. It identifies challenges and tackles them strategically. NUS Summer Enterprise Program has molded my character, reshaped my perspective and I’m all geared up to start working on my new venture



Sofia Aman, Alumni NUS Summer Programme 2016

The reality of the NUS Entrepreneurship Program exceeds all expectations. The program does not only provide a platform for global experience and linking but also helps you to gain confidence in yourself and to become the change you want to see. You find people who think like you and who started off at your age solving basic problems faced by the community, and you find a platform to discuss your ideas with them. The program is an overall inspiring, motivating and one of the best academic experiences you will encounter.



Syed Ali Raza Rizvi, Alumni NUS Summer Programme 2016

NUS summer entrepreneurship program gave me exposure of one of the most successful economies of the world. I got the chance to interact one on one with public office bearers, successful entrepreneurs and students. The NUS experience gave me an insight of world class public housing and transport systems. As an NUS alumni, I feel empowered, and have incorporated some communication and design practices in my own social initiative, Ehsas Films Project. Accelerator workshops with some of the leading start-up launch pads, including The Hub were the biggest takeaway for me.